Friday, March 4, 2016

LVI: Women's Elite Day Two Recap & Results

The final four of the Women's Elite bracket is going to be very similar to a potential final four on the Women's World Series. Great Britain, Canada, the Falcons, and France have all advanced to Sunday's semi-finals. All four have a large number of players on their rosters that have played on the Series.

The Falcons made the semi-finals thanks to a quarterfinal win over the Stars. Straight from the outset the U.S. were in control. Carmer Farmer won the opening kick and a few phases later Ryan Carlyle was in for the try. Kate Zackary soon added to that effort to make it 12-0 at halftime. In the second half Naya Tapper scored twice with Carlyle and Heavirland adding in one a piece to push the final to 34-0. Earlier in the day the U.S. beat South Africa 24-0 to round out pool play.

Great Britain were arguably the most dominant team of the day. They handled the Scion Sirens, who were also good, in the semi-finals. The Maple Leafs beat South Africa in their semi-final. The last semi-final of the day at the ATAVUS All-Stars against the France Select. The All-Stars had fight in them but France were too organized and went on to win 26-0.

The U.S. will play France in one semi-final (10:00 a.m. pt) and the Maple Leafs will play Great Britain (9:38 a.m. pt) in the other.

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Pool Play 

France 45-0 Japan
Scion 33-0 Florida
Falcons 24-0 South Africa
Brazil 36-5 Stars 2
Great Britain 33-12 ATAVUS
Quebec 14-0 Mexico
Maple Leafs 17-12 Stars 1
Atlantis 19-7 Northeast ODA

Bowl Quarterfinals

Quebec 27-0 Florida
Atlantis 36-10 Stars 2
Brazil 29-0 Northeast Academy
Japan 14-0 Mexico

Cup Quarterfinals

Great Britain 17-0 Scion
Maple Leafs 12-10 South Africa
Falcons 34-0 Stars 1
France 26-0 ATAVUS All-Stars

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