Thursday, March 3, 2016

LVI: Men's Elite Day One Recap & Scores

Day one of the Men's Elite at the LVI is in the books. As expected the favorite teams have excelled. Daveta are as good as billed giving up only 14 points in Pool A while scoring over 50 once and a minimum score of 31. The Falcons have also been excellent. They blanked Florida in their first match 27-0 and they beat Tumatauenga 24-7 in their last match. Their most difficult match of the day came against France Development but they still won 21-12.

Other teams to do well include the Northeast Academy and Chile. They both won their pool matches against Stars 2 and the Air Force and then drew 12-12 in their head to head match-up. It was a similar situation in Pool D where the Froggies Midol and the Denver 7s won their matches before drawing. Germany dominated in Pool E.

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We'll have an update on the quarterfinals when one is available.

Pool A
Daveta 54-0 Peru
Stars 2 21-10 Cayman Islands 2
Daveta 40-7 Cayman Islands 2
Stars 1 24-14 Peru
Daveta 31-7 Stars 2
Peru 17-28 Cayman Islands 2

Pool B
Falcons 27-0 Florida
Tumatauenga 14-27 France Development
Falcons 21-12 France Development
Tumatauenga 12-19 Florida

Florida 0-43 France Development
Falcons 24-7 Tumatauenga

Pool C
Northeast Academy 26-0 Stars 2
Chile 34-0 Air Force
Northeast Academy 24-14 Air Force
Chile 45-0 Stars 2
Northeast Academy 12-12 Chile
Stars 2 0-19 Air Force

Pool D
Froggies Midol 31-17 Atlantis
Denver 7s 42-7 Bridge City 7s
Froggies Midol 38-0 Bridge City 7s
Denver 7s 21-21 Atlantis
Froggies Midol 12-12 Denver 7s
Atlantis 38-12 Bridge City 7s

Pool E
Germany 68-0 Cayman Islands 1
Elite Selects 14-19 Black Dragons
Germany 53-5 Black Dragons
Elite Selects 28-19 Cayman Islands 1
Germany 26-5 Elite Selects
Cayman Islands 1 7-17 Black Dragons

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  1. Florida coming in 3rd behind Falcons and France development sides is not half bad really. Each year Florida has been at the LVI, they do better. Good stuff boys!