Saturday, March 5, 2016

Falcons Beat Froggies For LVI Title

The Falcons have finished the Las Vegas Invitational with a perfect record after beating the Froggies Midol 17-12 in a gritty match of the Men's Elite title. The Froggies were a tough test but the Falcons were better when it counted with a couple of crucial tries. With development being the paramount goal of the weekend the U.S. got outstanding performances from Peter Tiberio, Thretton Palamo, Pat Blair and others.

One of the things the team did well over the weekend was keep good possession. That's how they earned their first try courtesy of Spike Davis. Good interchange from Tiberio and Palamo caught the attention of the Froggie defense and when Davis ran a great supporting line he was in for the score. However, the Froggies would employ the same game of possession to earn an equalizing try.

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When it looked like the match would head into the half at 7-7 the Falcons found a way to score. Using the width of the pitch Joey Sok was able to race down the touchline to put his team up 12-7 at the break.

The second half had the Froggies score first when Tiberio slipped on the turf. Tiberio would have his revenge just a few minutes from time as he scored the winning. Making a simple fake one way Tiberio went the other around the tired defense for the try and a 17-12 win.

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