Monday, March 14, 2016

Evening Notes: Rugby Channel Promo, New World Rugby Chairman

A couple of notes to pass along this evening concerning RIM's "The Rugby Channel" and a new World Rugby Chairman.

Rugby Channel Promo

Little has been heard from Rugby International Marketing since it was launched. The centerpiece of the new organization has been their online rugby channel, simply called The Rugby Channel. There is still no launch date or a clue as to what kind of content it will provide but over the weekend they released a promo video. The also have a website,, on which you can sign up for updates.

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Beaumont To Be World Rugby Chairman

Bill Beaumont is set to be the new World Rugby Chairman after being the lone person nominated for the position. Beaumont, who is from England, will take over from Bernard Lapasset, who is leaving to focus on Paris's Olympic big. Agustin Pichot from Argentina has been nominated to be Vice-Chairman.

The nomination of Beaumont won't be welcome news for many Tier II nations. Beaumont is known for being more slow in embracing change, especially if it means giving a country like Georgia a shot at the Six Nations. World Rugby has never been willing to break up the monopoly of the Tier I nations but this move should secure a lot of changes from happening anytime over the next four years. The move shouldn't impact what the U.S. and Canada are doing over the next few years but it might make it harder to get World Rugby to go along with new ideas. 

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  1. The rugby channel is a load of @#$%. World Rugby on the other hand needs a venture capitalist to shake things up and move rugby forward. Hopefully good old market economics pushes rugby foward.