Thursday, March 3, 2016

CRC Qualifier: Favorites Win, Harvard Surprises On Day One

There were only a couple of surprises during pool play of the CRC Qualifier at the LVI. AIC, Utah, Lindenwood-Belleville all had strong days, as did Harvard who are the biggest surprise team so far. All four of those teams advanced to the Cup quarterfinals along with Notre Dame College, Air Force, and James Madison.

AIC were the class of the day only being scored on once while scoring at least 31 points in all of their matches. That margin of victory was enough to knock second place Colorado into the Plate. AIC will play Delaware in the quarterfinals. Delaware had an up and down day beating Air Force and Citadel but surprisingly losing to Colgate. Despite the loss to Delaware wins over Citadel and Colgate put Air Force into the quarterfinals against Notre Dame College.

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Notre Dame College were the winners in Pool B beating Colorado, UNLV, and James Madison. The team looked very strong and it would not be a shock to see them in the final. Whoever wins out of Notre Dame College and Air Force will be a tough out. James Madison also made the Cup quarterfinals and will play Lindenwood-Belleville who had little trouble in Pool D.

Utah and Harvard will complete the quarterfinals. Both of those teams came out of pools that only had three teams each. The Utes got past a tough Northeastern side and beat Pitt to top the pool. Harvard completed a bit of an upset beating last year's semi-finalists St. Joe's and then Millersville.

Utah AIC, Notre Dame College, and Lindenwood-Belleville are the favorites to make it to the semi-finals but as we saw last year, upsets can happen.

Cup QuarterfinalsAIC vs. Delaware
Utah vs. Harvard
Notre Dame College vs. Air Force
Lindenwood-Belleville vs. James Madison

Plate QuarterfinalsDixie State vs. Northeastern
St. Joe's vs. Colgate
Miami vs. Colorado
Pitt vs. Millersville

Bowl QuarterfinalsColorado State vs. Bye
Ithaca 2 vs. UNLV
Citadel vs. Bye
Ithaca 1 vs. Bye

Pool A
AIC 57-0 Ithaca 2
Miami 12-10 Colorado
AIC 31-0 Colorado State
Miami 31-12 Ithaca
AIC 31-7 Miami
Colorado State 38-12 Ithaca 2

Pool B
Notre Dame College 21-7 Colorado
James Madison 42-0 UNLV
Notre Dame College 43-19 UNLV
James Madison 29-10 Colorado
Notre Dame College 33-17 James Madison
Colorado 52-7 UNLV

Pool C
Air Force 38-7 Colgate
Delaware 31-7 Citadel
Air Force 33-14 Citadel
Delaware 5-12 Colgate
Delaware 21-14 Air Force
Colgate 24-12 Citadel

Pool DIthaca 14-0 New England College
Lindenwood-Belleville 29-7 Dixie State
New England College 0-14 Dixie State
Lindenwood-Belleville 26-5 Ithaca 1
Lindenwood-Belleville 14-0 New England College
Ithaca 1 12-40 Dixie State

Pool EUtah 29-7 Pitt
Utah 15-7 Northeastern
Pitt 35-19 Northeastern

Pool FSt. Joe's 26-24 Millersville
Harvard 24-21 Millersville
St. Joe's 12-32 Harvard

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