Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Breaking Down The PRO Rugby Rosters: Sacramento

Even if you aren't a fan of the team Sacramento is going to be fun to watch during the inaugural PRO Rugby season. They've got a solid blend of players that love to get out and run on attack and a solid list of players that don't mind mixing it up. They are either going to die by what should be their bite or they are going to thrive.

For us, the heart of the Sacramento roster begins in their back-row. John Quill leads the way having come back over from Ireland. Quill may have been buried down the Eagles depth chart at the World Cup but make no mistake, he can play and now given an opportunity to be a star on a team he could shine even brighter. He's going to pair with former BYU player and Eagle Kyle Sumsion. The flanker was a student assistant at Lindenwood-Belleville last year but now that he's back to rugby he's going to push once again for that Eagles jersey.

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Right now the only other back-row player is Ryan Koewler but the team is expected to add other players. That's true for the rest of the forwards as well. Former Cal player Sione Sina is going to be leading things in the locks along with local player James Reddey and Robert Meeson from Santa Rosa.

In the front row Ollie Kilifi leads the way for the props while Ray Barkwill be likely be the go-to hooker. One of the interesting things that PRO Rugby is doing is putting players from rival international teams on the same team. Also hooking along with Barkwill is Josh Inong. Toke Kefu and Val Lee-Lo are also options.

In the backs John Holland and Jope Motokana will vie for the scrumhalf duties. Motokana could have the inside edge. He's been an extremely underrated player for Seattle the last few years and is a real talent.

There is also going to be a battle at fly-half. Form St. Mary's grad Garrett Brewer has had some training time over the last year and will want to win the starters jersey. To do that he's going to have to hold off Harry Bennett from Santa Monica. The Australian is easily the most dangerous player for Santa Monica and he's been a huge part of that team over the last few years. If either Bennett or Brewer start it would be a mild shock although Alipate Takiveikata from Metropolis will have something to say about that.

In the centers former Italian international Mirco Bergamasco is going to start. He'll have former Junior All-Americans Nemia Qoro to play with as well as Ryan Thompson. On the wings the player to watch out for is Joeli Tikoisuva. He can kick and he add a lot of bite to the offense.

Again, like with the rest of the teams expect them to announce more players as things get closer.

Forwards: Kyle Sumsion, Ollie Kilifi, Sione Sina, Val Lee-Lo, Toke Kefu, Ryan Koewler, John Inong, James Reddy, Robert Meeson

Backs: Lagakali Tavake, JJ Tikoisuva, Jope Motokana, Mirco Bergamasco, Harry Bennett, Garrett Brewer, Nemia Qoro, Alipate Takiveikata

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