Monday, March 21, 2016

Breaking Down The PRO Rugby Rosters: San Francisco

Tom Coolican

With the rich talent available in the Bay Area, San Francisco is expected to be one of the top teams in the PRO Rugby. Clubs like SFGG, Life West, Olympic Club, and a couple of DI teams have plenty of players that can make a contribution. Throw in college teams like St. Mary's and Cal and San Francisco should challenge.

Leading the way for San Francisco are several Eagles, including Kingsley McGowan, Tom Coolican, and David Tameilau. McGowan had a strong career with St. Mary's and has bounced back and forth between trying to break into the 7s team and playing with Trinity over in Ireland. Having that experience in Ireland and playing with the Eagles is going to be big for McGowan. He scored a lot of tries in Ireland during his short time and with that confidence could be one of the top try scorers in the competition.

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David Tameilau was arguably the Eagles best player during the ARC. His fitness could be better but PRO Rugby is only going to help that. Look for him to be one of the best players in the league. Tom Coolican could also do well. He's been playing down in Australia and was a consistent starter in the NRC. He'll be on a front line with players like Patrick Latu, giving the team one of the best in the competition.

Other notable players include Devereaux Ferris, the son of assistant coach Adriaan Ferris, Michael Reid, Michael Haley, and others. Ferris is an up and coming halfback. Reid is a former All-American that can play in a lot of spots in the backs.

Orene Ai'i is expected to add veteran influence to the team and with a possible few other players. Other players like Sam Finau, who has experience playing for Auckland, and Martini Talapusi, have spent good time overseas.

The biggest x-factor for the team heading into the season is how much local talent from a team like SFGG are they going to get. Life West is well-represented and it makes sense that players like Jake Anderson and Alec Gletzer play even though they haven't been officially announced yet. Besides one or two players in the initial roster SFGG isn't represented. That means the likes of Pila Huihui, Brendan Daley, Mile Pulu, and Tai Enosa are still up in the air. If San Francisco can land those players they they should be one of the favorites to win the league, if not, SF will be good but nothing will be taken for granted.

Forwards: Dominic Lolohea, Jacob Finau, Siaosi Mahoni, John Colvill, Sam Finau, Tom Coolican, David Tameilau, Codi Jones, Maka Tameilau, Patric Latu

Backs: Kingsley McGowan, Devereaux Ferris, Michael Haley, Martini Talapusi, John O'Hara, Michael Reid, Orene Ai'i, Nick Blevins


  1. There's a centurion-capped former All Black on the roster and no one thought it would be a good idea to elaborate? I know he's on the back side of his career, but dude has 100 caps…for the All Blacks...

    1. He hasn't been officially announced yet, so it's only speculation at the moment. No incentive to commenting on it yet.