Thursday, March 31, 2016

Atlanta 7s Festival Pools Named

Some of the top women's teams in the country are going to be playing at the Atlanta 7s Festival held in conjunction with the World Series event. The tournament will feature elite club, club, college, and high school competition.

On the Elite side there are two pools of three teams each. Pool A has defending Club 7s Nationals champions ARPTC. They will be missing some players that have moved on to the Eagles but still have plenty of talent. Also talented are Scion. As the newest ODA they have consistently played top rugby over the last few years. Mad in Sevens closes out the pool.

In Pool B you have the Northeast Academy, 1823, and the Armed Forces. The Northeast Academy is probably the early favorite but depending on who plays for the Armed Forces they could be good.

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The other major bracket to watch at the tournament is the Elite College competition. The tournament will have a number of top schools, including Lindenwood, Life, Harvard, Texas A&M, and OSU. Lindenwood and Life are two of the top schools in the country and will be hungry for a major win. Life and Lindenwood are also submitting teams to the local college competition along with UNCC, Lee, and KSU.

In the Elite High School competition Atlantis, Scion, and Glendale are all sending teams along with Summit, Tribe, and the Norfolk Harvesters.

Elite Club

Pool A: ARPTC, Scion, Mad in Sevens
Pool B: Northeast Academy, 1823, Armed Forces

Elite College: Lindenwood, Life, Harvard, Texas A&M, OSU

HS Elite

Pool A: Atlantis, Summit, Tribe
Pool B: Scion, Norfolk Harvesters, Glendale

Club: Charlotte, Team Festival, Battleship

College: Lindenwood, Life, UNCC, Lee, KSU

HS: Atlanta Harlequins, Charlotte, Grandville/Motley, Tribe

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