Wednesday, February 17, 2016

U.S. vs. Canada: Eagles Player Grades

Just in time to turn our focus to the Eagles vs. Chile we look back at the Eagles win over Canada with our player grades. Once again most players did well.

Jake Anderson (6.5): We thought that Anderson did very well in the match. No one really kicks better from hand that he does and his defense is underrated.

Luke Hume (6.5): Hume was another Man of the Match candidate. In his first match back from injuries Hume didn't look as explosive as before but he had plenty of bite and grit once the match was done. He set up so many opportunities.

Chad London (6): London picked up his first try for the Eagles and it was a good one. His instincts as his team is pushing for a try are excellent and time and time again he was in the right position at the right time.

Lemoto Filikitonga, 34 minutes (6): Before coming off with an injury Filikitonga was doing well. The Eagles will be missing him over the next few weeks.

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Kingsley McGowan (6): A better performance from McGowan and it's hard to make an impact from the bench late in the match. That said, he came up big in certain situations.

James Bird, 40 minutes (6.5): It was an abbreviated time for Bird but it was once again a decent outing. Canada didn't give the U.S. as much room at Argentina did but Bird fought through it.

Mike Te'o, 60 minutes (6): Te'o can play a lot of positions and scrumhalf is one of those. However, we learned from his first extended edition at scrumhalf that maybe his main position is at fullback, wing, or fly-half. That said, with more time Te'o could really emerge as a class scrumhalf.

Eric Fry, 71 minutes (7): Another solid match for Fry. His scumming in better but could still use some refreshers now and then.

Mike Sosene-Feagai, 44 minutes (6.5): We thought that Sosene-Feagai came in and did a terrific job. He's got a natural nose for the ball that you can really only pick up in a rugby playing nation playing with friends in a park. That's a good thing.

Chris Baumann, 71 minutes (7): Like Joe Taufete'e, Baumann really seems to be settling in with the team post-World Cup. He doesn't have the biggest of frames for a prop but he's extremely strong and is able to win over a number of battles.

Brodie Orth (6.75): Orth gets more and more comfortable every match. He's a big unit that is learning to speed up the way he plays the game. He still has a ways to go if he wants to break into the first-choice team permanently but the potential is there.

Ben Landry, 77 minutes (7): Another player who earned his first cap Landry found a way to contribute positively. He's going to need to bulk up if he wants to move up the depth chart but that's fixable. He as good in the line out.

Nate Brakeley (6): As a late call in Brakeley may have been a little out of sorts at times but you have to give him credit for coming in and playing the way he did.

Todd Clever (8): Easily our Man of the Match. Clever came up huge for the Eagles in the second half and helped deliver some tries.

David Tameilau (6.5): Another strong match for Tameilau. He put in some excellent and highlight-reel worthy hits and generally looked more settled.


Mike Garrity, 46 minutes (6.5): Maybe not the flashiest of centers but Garrity came on and put in much of the same work that Filikitonga was putting in.

JP Eloff, 40 minutes (7): A first cap for Eloff who has been in the Eagles picture for awhile. His kicking from hand was solid as was his all around game. You could tell he was nervous which made things a little difficult but he was good.

Joe Taufete'e, 36 minutes (7): It was another solid outing for Taufete'e. He really seems to be settling into the team and pushing his game to another level. He's still got a ways to go but he's getting there.

Nike Kruger, 20 minutes (6): He came in and hit a couple of crucial kicks. That is so important for the team and for Kruger who made an impact.

Ollie Kilifi, 9 minutes (6.5): One this is pretty clear about Kilifi, the man can scrum. Playing on nine minutes isn't a lot of time to make an impact though.

James Hilterbrand, 9 minutes (6.5): Like Kilifi he came on and did his job but did't have a lot of time to make an impact.

Alec Gletzer, 3 minutes (NA): Not enough time for Gletzer to get a grade.

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  1. Seems wrong to not give Kruger more credit. Te'o looked slow and awkward as a scrumhalf, taking much too long to get the ball out and often passing it not into the stand-off's hands. Kruger was quicker and more precise.