Thursday, February 18, 2016

Top Las Vegas Invitational Pools Set

The Las Vegas Invitational is just a few weeks away and once again it promises to deliver some of the top domestic 7s in the country. We thought to get you ready we'd share some of the pool match-ups. However, before we begin it's worth noting that these pools could change before the start of the tournament.

Men's Elite 7s

Traditionally this has always been one of the most competitive divisions and it's looking like that yet again. Leading the way is Daveta from Fiji. They are regarded as the top non-national 7s team in the country. They will be in Pool A with Stars 1, Peru, and the Cayman Islands 2. The Falcons are in Pool B along with the Florida ODA, Bridge City 7s, and Tumatauenga which is a side led by Taylor Howden.

Pool C is looking tough with the Northeast ODA and Chile set to duke it out for the top spot. Stars 2 and the Air Force finish out the pool. In Pool D the Denver 7s, Atlantis, and Mexico will all be competitive. Froggies Midol is also in the pool. Lastly, in Pool E are Germany, Elite Selects, Cayman Islands 1, and the Black Dragons.

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Pool A: Daveta, Stars 1, Peru, Cayman Islands 2
Pool B: Falcons, Tumatauenga, Florida, Bridge City 7s
Pool C: Northeast ODA, Chile, Stars 2, Air Force
Pool D: Froggies Midol, Denver 7s, Atlantis, Mexico
Pool E: Germany, Elite Selects, Cayman Islands 1, Black Dragons

Men's Aces

The Men's Aces division looks to have a mix of strong teams as well as those that could surprise. The ATAVUS All-Stars are a developmental team, unlike the elite team that won the Elite bracket last year. Several clubs from the U.S., including the Chicago Lions and Humless could make a lot of waves as could Canadian sides British Columbia, Rugby Quebec, and the Upright Rugby Rogues.

Pool A: Elite Aces, South Africa All-Stars, Mana, Cayman Islands 3
Pool B: ATAVUS All-Stars, Upright Rugby Rogues, US Army Black, East Annapolis Fire Dept.
Pool C: British Columbia, US Army Gold, Valley Kangaroos, C4
Pool D: Rugby Quebec, Denver All-Stars, Kings Rugby, Tama Laie Lions
Pool E: Chicago Lions, PNRFU Loggers, Spearhead Rugby Academy, E4
Pool F: Humless 7s, Atlantis, Atlanta Old White, Bend Rugby

Women's Elite 

On the women's side of things the tournament is dominated by national teams, including the USA 7s select. Great Britain, France, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, and Canada are all sending teams. That goes along with the ATAVUS All-Stars, the Scion Sirens, the Stars, Atlantis, and the Northeast ODA. From top to bottom it's probably the strongest women's tournament outside of the Series.

Pool A: GB Select, ATAVUS All-Stars, Rugby Quebec, Mexico
Pool B: France, Japan, Scion Sirens, Florida
Pool C: USA Select, South Africa, Brazil, Stars 2
Pool D: Maple Leafs, Stars 1, Atlantis, Northeast ODA

CRC Qualifier

Since Brendan Triplett already covered this in detail we'll send you over to that article and just post the pools here.

Pool A: AIC, Miami (OH), Ithaca 2, Colorado State
Pool B: Notre Dame College, James Madison, Colorado, UNLV
Pool C: Air Force, Delaware, Colgate, Citadel
Pool D: New England College, Lindenwood-Belleville, Ithaca 1, Dixie State
Pool E: Utah, Northeastern, Pitt, E4
Pool F: Life West, St. Joe's, Harvard, Millersville

Boy's U-18

Like the rest of the top divisions the Boy's U-18 division should be strong. Once again the All-Americans will be submitting a team as will top select sides Utah, Atlantis, Upright Rugby Rogues, Washington Loggers, EIRA, and British Columbia. The ATAVUS All-Stars and the South Panthers could make waves this year.

Pool A: HSAA, Utah Rugby Academy, Maryland Exiles, National Athletic Village Selects
Pool B: ATAVUS All-Stars, South Panthers, Rhino Rugby Academy 1, Coastal Dragons
Pool C: Atlantis, Washington Loggers, Upright Rugby Rogues, Rhino 2
Pool D: British Columbia, Utah Cannibals, Eagle Impact Rugby Academy, Tribe

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