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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sydney 7s: Eagles Player Grades

Like after Wellington, it's difficult to grade the Eagles on their performance in Sydney. They played some great rugby at times and beat the teams they should have easily beaten. At the same time they left very winnable matches hanging.

Carlin Isles (6): Overall, it was a decent tournament for Isles. He did get rocked on a couple of occasions, most notably by Augustine Pulu, but he also had a couple of strong tries. While Isles can do a lot on his own he also depends on his teammates to have a strong tournament, which didn't quite happen.

Matai Leuta (6): Leuta made a couple of errors that cost the team and you could tell that he was pretty mad at himself afterwards. Still, he brings energy when on the pitch.

Danny Barrett (6): We thought that Barrett had another very strong tournament. Defensively he was solid for the most part and on offense he was active, possibly too active if that's a thing. We also thought he was good in the air.

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Ben Pinkleman (6.5): In only his second tournament Pinkleman was solid once again. He doesn't get rattled for a young player and there isn't much of a reason to not see him back for Vegas.

Zach Test (5.5): The pressure is on Test to contribute in a big way. He's making plays and showing up at the right time but sometimes he has a tendency to get too sucked into what the referee is doing. He needs to fight through that.

Martin Iosefo (NA): Tough tournament for Iosefo. He was good in the short time he had before getting injured.

Folau Niua (5.5): Maybe it's just us but there seems to be something missing from Niua's game the last few tournaments. He's had good moments, especially with his fantastic fakes, but it's almost as if his concentration isn't there.

Thretton Palamo (5): A quiet tournament for the big man. Yes, he's just coming back from 15s but he needs to find a way to make a bigger impact.

Nate Augspurger (6.5): Coming off the bench Augspurger provides a great spark. We look for him to get more time in Vegas.

Madison Hughes (5.5): Like Niua, something has seemed off with Hughes. His yellow card against New Zealand was very uncharacteristic. He's one of the players on the team that needs to step up and show consistency at the upper most echelons.

Perry Baker (6): Baker didn't have any trouble scoring but he also is too careless with the ball at times and needs to be more heads up at other times, like when he stepped into the touch area behind the goal.

Will Holder (6): Another decent tournament from Holder. Not spectacular but steady, which is what the team needs at times. 


  1. Barrett: had another very strong tournament. Yet you only gave him a 6. Something doesn't seem right.

    TBH I don't think there was a player who really stood out in Sydney so I think you've got your overall grades about right. Possibly Barrett was the best but still not at his lofty own personal best standards. might've given him a 7 but that'd be about it. Missed badly a big tackle on Pulu in the QF and got bumped off. Think that's the first time I've ever seen Barrett get his own medicine!

  2. Funny, I thought that Barrett looked uncharacteristically tentative. There were some instances that I thought the Refs. made some questionable calls, but overall I was disappointed with intensity of the team; they looked afraid to initiate contact.

    I also wanted to know about Garret Bender, as well as Maka 'Unufe?