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Thursday, February 11, 2016

PRP Power Rankings: Belmont Shore & O-Club Move Up

There is some movement in this week's PRP Power Rankings as Belmont Shore and Olympic Club move up at the expense of OMBAC and Santa Monica.

1. Glendale Raptors (1-0-0; Last Week: 1; beat OMBAC 33-6): It was set up to be one of the best early season encounters, even if some key players were missing for Glendale. The encounters between OMBAC and Glendale have been intense in the past but this one was a bit of a let down as the Raptors ran away with it in the end. Now at 2-0 the Raptors have a solid start to the season. Up next: Santa Monica

2. SFGG Rhinos (1-0-0; LW: 2; beat Santa Monica 39-26): As expected it was a relatively high scoring match between SFGG and Santa Monica but in the end the defense of SFGG was solid enough to get the win. They are going to miss Bruce Thomas going forward but are still in a solid position. Up next: Denver Barbarians

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3. Belmont Shore (1-1-0; LW: 4; beat Olympic Club 22-17): Belmont Shore were only inches away from starting the season 0-2. However, a late intercept try helped Belmont Shore overcome a very scrappy Olympic Club side. Even missing the likes of Joe Taufete'e the team responded and showed why they need to be in consideration to make the final. Up next: Bye

4. OMBAC (1-1-0; LW: 3; lost to Glendale 6-33): Hope were high for OMBAC that they could overcome Glendale at Little Q. Unfortunately for them the team was never really able to respond and slumped to a disappointing defeat. They will now need to focus the rest of the season without a slip up or get help somewhere else. Up next: Olympic Club

5. Denver Barbarians (0-1-0; LW: 5; Bye): The Barbarians have the weekend off. That should help them regroup ahead of their match against SFGG. Up next: SFGG

6. Olympic Club (0-2-0; LW: 7; lost to Belmont Shore 22-17): Yes, Olympic Club suffered their second defeat of the season but they showed a lot in the loss to give hope to a better 2016. If they can pull off an upset win over OMBAC they will definitely turn heads. Up next: OMBAC

7. Santa Monica (0-1-0; LW; lost to SFGG 39-26): It's harsh to drop the Dolphins down a spot considering they played well against SFGG. Their drop has more to do with Olympic Club. Overall, the depth in this year's competition is solid. Up next: Glendale Raptors

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