Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Notre Dame Looking For Program Director

The University of Notre Dame is seeing a Program Director for both their men's and women's team as well as a head coach for their mens' team. Below is the job description from the team:

The Program Director, Men’s & Women’s Club Rugby/Men’s Head Coach will oversee the administration and daily logistical operations of both men’s and women’s club rugby programs along with duties pertaining to coaching the Men’s Rugby Club.

This position will be expected to provide leadership, supervision and professional development to all volunteer coaches which includes the Women’s Rugby Club Head Coach. The Program Director, Men’s & Women’s Club Rugby/Men’s Head Coach will provide supervision and developmental opportunities to students, coaches, volunteers and faculty/staff advisers with the goal of providing a holistic student development experience to all participants.

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The Program Director, Men’s & Women’s Club Rugby/Men’s Head Coach:
- Must be a detail oriented professional who can prioritize and has the ability to multi-task projects and assignments. This position must be able to work independently and in group settings.

- Must possess exceptional interpersonal communication skills and the ability to build partnerships. This position will be expected to foster relationships across campus, regionally and nationally in order to provide the optimal service and experience for all club rugby participants. This position will be responsible for developing programs, best practices and assessing them so as to promote student learning and community building.

- Must demonstrate a commitment to cultural competency, diversity, inclusion and social justice all within the parameters of the mission and values of the University of Notre Dame.

- Will be expected to be active in professional organizations such as the USA Rugby and World Rugby Organization. The Program Director, Men’s & Women’s Club Rugby/Men’s Head Coach must be knowledgeable in collegiate club rugby local, state and national governing bodies’ policies and procedures.

- Must be knowledgeable in current trends in the administration of risk management practices for collegiate clubs sports. This position will annually review and revise the all club sports material including any assessment data and the club sports manual.

- Will coordinate and collaborate with the University of Notre Dame RecSports Risk Management Committee for rugby operations and RecSports programs and events.

- Will assume coaching responsibilities and related duties such as leading, planning, monitoring, coordinating training and practice sessions, and ensuring that all appropriate safety guidelines and standards are maintained.

- Will lead, plan, monitor, coordinate, and demonstrate game techniques to student club members individually and in groups. This position will lead, plan, monitor, and coordinate all physical training of student club members of the men’s rugby program.

- Will attend all league matches and tournaments(some overnight travel is required), develop and implement game strategy and position assignments.

- Will continue to develop a comprehensive and functional knowledge of the sport and maintain a thorough and continuing familiarity with all applicable University regulations.
- Will demonstrate an active interest in the academic progress of student club members and work to assure academic success of student club members. This position will oversee the strength and conditioning programs for student club members.

- Work with student club members to monitor adherence to rules and regulations regarding conduct, appearance, and behavior.The Program Director, Men’s & Women’s Club Rugby/Men’s Head Coach will coordinate and collaborate with the Student Activities Office (SAO) and Office of Community Standards (OCS) regarding any necessary disciplinary matters.

This is a full-time, 12 month, exempt position that will report directly to the Assistant Director, Club Sports

The Program Director, Men’s & Women’s Club Rugby/Men’s Head Coach will assume other duties as assigned.

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