Saturday, February 20, 2016

Match Commentary: U.S. vs. Chile

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The match can be seen live on ESPN3. Our match preview can be seen here.

U.S. Line-up

Forwards: Eric Fry, Joe Taufete'e, Chris Baumann, Ben Landry, Brodie Orth, Nate Brakeley, Todd Clever, David Tameilau; Backs: Tom Bliss, JP Eloff, Nic Edwards, Chad London, Lorenzo Thomas, Luke Hume, Mike Te'o; Bench: Mike Sosene-Feagai, Ollie Kilifi, Demecus Beach, Alec Gletzer, Patrick Blair, Niku Kruger, Ryan Matyas, Jake Anderson

Chile Line-up

Forwards: Claudio Zamorano, Tomás Dussaillaint, Luis Sepúlveda, Felipe Bassaletti, Raimundo Piwonka, Ignacio Silva, Javier Richard, Benjamín Soto (C); Backs: Beltrán Vergara, Cristian Onetto, Humberto Chacaltana, Francisco de la Fuente, Matías Nordenflycht, Matías Contreras, Pablo Casas; Bench: Rodrigo Moya, Iñaki Gurruchaga, José Tomás Munita, Cristobal Niedmann, Nikola Bursic, Matthieu Manas, José Ignacio Larenas, Leonardo Montoya

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Pre-game: This is a must win for the Eagles and arguably a must win big. Chile will provide a challenge but one the largely domestic U.S. team can overcome.
Pre-game: ESPN3 so far has been fantastic. No glitches and it reaches a lot of people. Plus, having it on demand is a huge plus.
Pre-game: Anthems up now.
0: We're underway!
5:  U.S. attacking early but they can't convert.
7: Once again the U.S. are pushing. Eloff tried the grubber but Chile recovers. 5 meter scrum.
9: Well done by the forwards to drive the Chilean maul into touch. They need points here.
10: Chris Baumann try! The forwards go to work off the line out and it's Baumann to touch down. Well done. Eloff's conversion is no good. 5-0 with ten minutes gone.
14: Chile off their feet. Eloff is going to try for the points. The kick is no good. That was from gimme range. Should have had that one. Still 5-0.
17: Eloff try!!! Great work to sidestep the defenders to go in to the quarter. Everytime Chile must commit numbers to the breakdown.  The conversion is no good. 10-0. Bliss doing well at scrumhalf. Eagles need to be clinical. Too many wasted chances.
20: Edwards try!!!! Great interplay between Te'o, Thomas, and Edwards to make it happen. Chile can't tackle the U.S. There is the conversion. Eagles now lead 17-0.
27: Very stop-start pace to this game so far. Hard to get a rhythm for either team. Kilifi on for Baumann.
30: Penalty on the Eagles. Chile will go for points. Nordenflycht's kick is no good. Still 17-0.
33: Agressive defense against Chile is paying dividends. Lots of turnovers. More tries needed.
35: Taufete'e try! Nice sneaky effort to one hand the ball out of the breakdown and see that no one was home for Chile. Well done.  Eloff's conversion is good! 24-0.
37: Rough collision at mid-field as the U.S. takes out a Chilean player in the air.  Play is stopped as Nic Edwards is attended to. Anderson will come on for Edwards. Te'o to wing?
37: Kilifi sent to the bin for the play in the air. Only a couple of minutes until the half.
39: U.S. pushing again but it's a penalty. That likely would have been another try.
40: Bliss is off and Kruger is on. Bliss looks to have re-aggravated his ankle injury.
That's halftime. Good effort from the Eagles but they need to turn it on more in the second half.
40: Second half is underway!
43: Demecus Beach on for the scrum. Anderson temporarily off.
44: U.S. penalized for pushing early on the scrum. They win the ball back but Te'o's box kick isn't good.
46: Another U.S. penalty. Chilean going for the line out. Kilifi is back on for Beach. Anderson also back in.
50: U.S. with some time in the attacking zone yet again but it's a penalty on Clever.
52: Lorenzo Thomas try!!!! Great try as he rips the ball loose, it finds Hume, who then gives it back to Thomas. Eloff's conversion is good. 31-0 to the Eagles.
55: Off an attacking line out Eloff makes a break and finds Anderson for yet another try!! Now they are starting to pour it on.  Eloff's conversion is good. 38-0.
58: Todd Clever with a strong run but it's a knock-on.
62: Lots of back and forth at the moment. Good opportunity to mention it looks like a solid crowd. Gletzer is on for Orth.
63: Mikey Te'o try. Everyone though play had ended but Te'o scoops it up. That was a weird one. Eloff's conversion is no good. 43-0.
65: Break from Clever puts the Eagles on the front foot. The ball is worked out to the wing and the Eagles press. Hume puts in the chip and Chad London recovers for the try!!  The conversion from Eloff is good. 50-0.
68: Taufete'e and Tameilau off for Mike Sosene-Feagai and Pat Blair. That's a first cap for Blair.
70: Things get chippy for the first time. Blair cleaned out by Nordenflycht. No card, just a penalty.
73: Luke Hume try! He takes the quick tap and is over. U.S. padding their winning margin. 57-0.
75: Te'o try!! That's two for him and the only player with multiple tries tonight. With the conversion that's 64-0.
78: Ryan Matyas is on. Everyone has come off the bench so far.
80: Chile kick it out and that's full-time. Big win for the Eagles. With Argentina and Uruguay close this is going to help the Eagles.

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