Saturday, February 13, 2016

Match Commentary: U.S. vs. Canada

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The match can be seen live on ESPN3. Our match preview can be seen here.

USA Line-up

Forwards: Eric Fry, Mike Sosene-Feagai, Chris Baumann, Brodie Orth, Ben Landry, Nate Brakeley, Todd Clever, David Tameilau; Backs: Mike Te'o, James Bird, Kingsley McGowan, Lemoto Filikitonga, Chad London, Luke Hume, Jake Anderson; Bench: Joe Taufete'e, Ollie Kilifi, James Hilterbrand, Pat Blair, Alec Gletzer, Niku Kruger, JP Eloff, Mike Garrity

Canada Line-up

Forwards: Hubert Buydens, Ray Barkwill, Jake Ilnicki, Paul Cuilini, Callum Morrison, Lucas Rumball, Alistair Clark, Clay Panga; Backs: Gordon McRorie, Gradyn Bowd, Dan Moor, Nick Blevins, Mozac Samson, Phil Mackenzie, Pat Parfrey; Bench: Eric Howard, Djustice Sears-Duru, Rob Brouwer, Kyle Baillie, Liam Chisholm, Michael Hamson, Andrew Ferguson, Duncan Maguire

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Pre-game: This is a big one for the Eagles. If they can beat Canada they should be able to finish the ARC without a loss. That said, Canada will be tough.
Pre-game: We want to know your thoughts throughout the match. If you have some, make sure to comment.
Pre-game: The stream has started on ESPN3/WatchESPN and they are showing highlights from last week. The forwards and the scrum have to be good again this week.
Pre-game: Anthems up now. Just minutes away from kickoff.
0: And we're underway!
1: Big hit from David Tameilau! Canada with lots of possession but they are forced into the box kick.
3: A series of kicks but the a missed kick from Te'o give a territory advantage to Canada. Lineout is stolen!
5: The first scrum and it's not a good one from the Eagles. Canada back not he attack.
7: The scrum doesn't go well again for the Eagles and in the end Canada get a very kickable penalty. McRorie's kick is good. Canada 3-0 Eagles.
10: U.S. is called for holding on on the first phases after a line out. Canada will go for the line out.
12: Another penalty on the Eagles. Far too much of that early. Canada will have another shot at goal. The kick is up and good from McRorie. 6-0 to Canada.
17: Canada have had all the possession and territory so far but it's still just 6-0. The U.S. should feel lucky.
18: Finally some decent attack from the Eagles. They earn a penalty but are going for the line out.
19: Good running from Luke Hume after a solid line out. Penalty right in front and Bird will have a shot. Bird's kick is up and good. U.S. 3-6 Canada.
21: U.S. lose the territory battle on the restart. It leads to yet another penalty. Eric Fry for side entry. McRorie's kick is up and good. Canada 9-3 Eagles.
24: Another subpar scrum from the Eagles and it kills a great attacking opportunity.
26: Eagles break away  and they are now meters from the line. Forwards going to work.  The conversion is up and good from Bird. Chad London try! The ball comes out of the forwards and it's quick ball. Filikitonga draws in the defense and throws the overhand pass. Excellent try and response from the Eagles. They needed that big. 10-9 to the Eagles.
29: U.S. give away another penalty. Canada will take another shot at goal.  As expected, the kick is good from McRorie. 12-10 to Canada.
32: Bird has a drop kick chance but it's charged down. Eagles back attacking.
34: Filikitonga coming off with a leg injury. Seattle's Mike Garrity coming on.
36: Eagles on the attack again but it's a forward pass that kills the opportunity.
39: U.S. with lots of possession in the last few minutes but it's a knockout. So many small errors.
40: And that's halftime. Not the cleanest half from the Eagles. Clean up the small errors and they should feel good.
40: Second half is underway! JP Eloff on for Bird at halftime.
42: Like a broken record the U.S. commit another penalty and Canada will go for the line out.
44: Yes another penalty for not rolling away. McRorie has an easy shot at goal. Kick is up and good. 15-10 to Canada. Taufete'e on for Sosene-Feagai.
49: U.S. pinned in deep and nearly broke out but it's a forward pass.
51: Canada with a long sequence until McGowan strips the ball and the ball is cleared.
53: Another knock-on from the Eagles. Ball retention better there but these mistakes have to be driving John Mitchell nuts.
54: Big break from Anderson who finds Hume but Canada stop them short. Still it's a penalty.  The U.S. won't go for the easy three and instead will go for the line out. Interesting decision. Will look bad if it doesn't work.
56: It's works! The maul is good and Todd Clever crashes over!!!! Anderson's conversion is no good. 15-15.
58: Hume with a big break off the restart to put the Eagles back on the attack. Canada is shown a yellow for cynically killing the attack. They are going back to the line out.
60: It's a maul once again and it's a try! Todd Clever again! Huge swing for the Eagles.  Kruger, who just came on for Te'o, takes the conversion and it's no good. Eagles 20-15 Canada.
63: Garrity with the grubber but he's tackled. It's another penalty and another line out.
64: Clever again! He sneaks around the outside and he has three! The Eagles are blowing this one open with the maul. Kruger's conversion is good. 27-15 to the Eagles.
69: Try Canada! Solid work from Duncan Maguire and Canada are right back in it.  The conversion is good. 27-22 with ten minutes to go.
71: Kilifi and Hilterbrand on for Fry and Baumann.
73: U.S. try to go quickly off a penalty but it's knocked on.
74: The ball is spiked by Canada and the U.S. are back on the attack.  Kruger break puts the Eagles just meters away. Penalty on Canada.
75: Kruger hits an easy close penalty and the Eagles lead 30-22 with just a few minutes left.
77: Alec Gletzer on for Landry.
78: Chad London nearly tries to break through but it's called a knock-on.
79: Only seconds left but there is time for the line out.
80: U.S. with a shout for a try but it's held up and that's the match! Eagles win 30-22! Much better second half for the Eagles. Overall, a great learning experience for the domestic players. A much easier slate of matches up next.

Thanks for following. Recap coming shortly. 

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