Saturday, February 27, 2016

Match Commentary: Eagles vs. Brazil

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The match can be seen live on ESPN3. Our match preview can be seen here.

U.S. Line-up

Forwards: Demecus Beach, Joe Taufete'e, Ollie Kilifi (C), Brodie Orth, Ben Landry, James King, Aladdin Schirmer, David Tameilau; Backs: Niku Kruger, James Bird, Ryan Matyas, Andrew Suniula, Mike Garrity, Kingsley McGowan, Jake Anderson; Bench: Cam Falcon, Eric Fry, Mike Sosene-Feagai, Hanco Germishuys, Mike Te'o, JP Eloff, Tim Stanfill, Chad London

Brazil Line-up

Forwards: Wilton Rebolo, Yan Rosetti, Lucas Abud, Lucas Piero, Luiz Vieira, André Arruda,  João Luiz das Ros (C), Nick Smith; Backs: Lucas Duque, Moisés Duque, Laurent Bourda-Couhet, Martin Schaefer, Felipe Sancery, Stefano Giantorno, Daniel Sancery; Bench: Daniel Danielewicz, Caique Silva, Jonatas Paulo, Diego López, Gabriel Paganini, Guilherme Coghetto, Beukes Cremer, Robert Tenório

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Pre-game: This is a match the U.S. should win handily. They didn't take advantage of all of their early chances against Chile last week and they'll be looking to make up for that this week.
Pre-game: Lots of new faces in the team. We'll be looking at James King, James Bird, Jake Anderson, and Aladdin Schirmer in particular to see how they do.
Pre-game: Anthems up now. The ESPN3 stream should have kicked in for those wondering.
0: Anthems are done. And we're underway!
2: Lots of kicking early. U.S. is pinged for being offside on a maul. Brazil will try for the points.  The kick is up and good. Brazil lead 3-0 after just three minutes.
6: Brazil try to break out on the knock on. McGowan told off for interfering with the kicker. Just a penalty.  Moisés Duque's kick is up and good. 6-0 to Brazil. Penalties killing the U.S. at the moment.
9: U.S. are going to have an attacking line out for the first time. They haven't had much rhythm on offense yet.
10: Brazil steal the ball and nearly make it all the way to the try line but they are taken into touch.
11: As you would expect, Brazil love to kick. Lots of chips ahead so far. Eagles need to pick it up.
13: Brazil try!! Great work from the Brazilians to go on the attack and catch the U.S. napping. Solid rugby all around. Daniel Sancery with the try. The conversion is good. 13-0 with 14 gone. So sloppy from the Eagles so far. Yikes.
18: U.S. scrum is having problems against Brazil. They are out of sync all over the place. Only Tameilau showing well. That's not to take away from Brazil but the U.S. should dominate a side ranked so much lower than them.
22: Try Brazil! Lucas Duque sneaks in as the ball comes out of the scrum. Slips a tackle and he's through. Nightmare start for the Eagles. The conversion is no good. 18-0 with 23 gone. Question now is if Mitchell waits until the half to make changes.
26: The U.S. has had more possession than Brazil but you couldn't tell.
30: U.S. is finally able to get some phases together. They are going to have a shot, one Bird should make. It's up and good. 18-3. The U.S. are finally on the board. Maybe that will give them some momentum.
33: Kruger penalized at the scrum. He'd been warned by Assmus and now Brazil will go on the attack.
34: Eric Fry is coming on for Demecus Beach. The Eagles need stability at the scrum and Beach looked a bit lost.
38: Taufete'e try! Off the line out the U.S. simply uses power through a couple of phases to get a try. That's more like it. The conversion from Bird is up and no good. 18-8.
39: Drop goal attempt from Brazil but it's no good. Not much time left in the half.
40+: Brazil with the yellow card just before the half for a no arms tackle. That's a big break for the Eagles. Still time for a line out.
That's halftime. U.S. trail 18-8 in what has to be one of their worst 40 minutes in awhile. Brazil better than expected.
40: Second half is underway!!
41: Brazil with another chance early but the final pass is thrown to an American. They finally clear but not far.
43: U.S. penalized in the maul. Brazil are going for the line out over the attempt at points.
44: Brazil using their maul again but they are held up. Still, worrying signs for the Eagles. U.S. scrum is finally coming on and they win a penalty. Much, much better in comparison to the first half. Danger averted.
46: Aladdin Schirmer try!! McGowan did well to take the chip ahead, worked to Bird who made a break, found Kruger, who did most of the workand then Schirmer did well to hold on to the pass for the try. Bird's conversion is no good. 18-13.
48: U.S. immediately give up a penalty and Brazil get the points. 21-13.
51: U.S. get near the line but they can't connect on their passes. Lost opportunity.
52: Tim Stanfill and Chad London coming on for Garrity and Matyas.
56: More back and forth with bad passes all around.
57: MIke Te'o is on for Kingsley McGowan.
58: Mike Sosene-Feagai on for his relative Joe Taufete'e.
60: This match is anything put pretty at the moment. Set pieces, knock-ons, and lots of (poor) kicking.
64: Niku Kruger try! Good break from Te'o finds the supporting Kruger. Much, much better but they need more of that. Bird's conversion is up and good. 21-20 with about 15 minutes left.
67: Tim Stanfill with a shout for a try but it's a knock-on. Chad London had broken through and chipped ahead.
70: U.S. are starting to have some urgency. Te'o has come on and made a good impact. Just won a turnover
72: The U.S. are going to take the shot off the penalty rather than push for the try. Let's hope they know they need a bonus point. You do have to win the game first and Kruger's penalty gives them a 23-21 lead.
75: Mike Te'o doesn't like to lose. The guy is doing everything he can to push the U.S. forward. Eloff on for Bird.
76: Penalty on Brazil. Eloff's long attempt from over halfway is no good. They need a try.
77: Hanco Germishuys on for James King. Big debut for Germishuys. Brazil dominate the U.S. at the scrum. Yikes. Only a couple of minutes left.
79: U.S. trying to wind out the clock with their forwards but Brazil earn the turnover. Time for a line out.
80: Brazil earn a penalty. It's in kickable range. Penalized at the maul again. The kick is good! That's full time. Brazil win 24-23! That easily is the most embarrassing defeat the Eagles have suffered in recent memory.

Thanks for following along. Recap to come. 


  1. I'm so disappointed, I don't know what to say.

  2. We should put every penny into sevens. Fifteens is not our game.

  3. I'm actually glad we lost as opposed to pulling out a close victory. The team will learn more from coming up short. This is a young team that thought they had it in the bag before the game started. As for the coaching staff, Mitchell is probably wishing he had started those players that came on late trying to claw back into it. Lastly, there is no continuity with all the players in and out of the lineup and vetting young guys. So need to abandon 15's. In all honesty, this tourney is about getting experience and depth. These boys will remember this night for a long time and this will make them better in the long run.

  4. The only word to describe that performance is PATHETIC.....