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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Match Commentary: Eagles vs. Argentina

TIAR"s Eagles coverage is brought to you by Canterbury USA. 


The match can be seen live on ESPN3. Our match preview can be seen here.

USA Line-up

Forwards: Eric Fry, Joe Taufete'e, Chris Baumann, Brodie Orth, Greg Peterson, Cam Dolan, Todd Clever, David Tameilau; Backs: Niku Kruger, James Bird, Kingsley McGowan, Lemoto Filikitonga, Chad London, Taku Ngwenya, Blaine Scully; Bench: Mike Sosene-Feagai, Ollie Kilifi, James Hilterbrand, Ben Landry, Alec Gletzer, JP Eloff, Mike Te'o, Jake Anderson

Argentina Line-up

Forwards: Roberto Tajerizo, Santiago Iglesias, Felipe Arregui, Marcos Kremer, Ignacio Larrague, Rodrigo Baez (C), Lautaro Bavaro, Santiago Montagner; Backs: Gonzale Bertranou, Domingo Miotti, Tomas Carrio, Joaquin Paz, Juan Cappiello, Matias Orlando, Ramiro Moyano; Bench: Franco Brarda, Gaspar Baldunciel, Cristian Bartolini, Pedro Ortega, Jose Deheza, Lautaro Bazan Velez, Juan Novillo, Juan Pablo Estelles

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Pre-game: It's important to remember that this is a match with a new coach, in a new cycle, with new players. It probably won't be the most fluid game.
Pre-game: Anthems done.
1: And we're off!
1: U.S. on the attack early, pinning Argentina in deep but an errant pass kills the opportunity.
2: Argentina called for holding on. James Bird will take the easy shot at goal. All created by Tameilau. The kick is good. Eagles 3-0.
4: Todd Clever earns the turnover (also aided by a poor Argentine pass). Bird will have another go. Very kickable. The kick is up and good. 6-0 with five minutes gone.
8: Penalty on the Argentina scrum. That will give the U.S. pack a lot of confidence. Good start from the Eagles so far. Eric Fry called for boring in from the side. Argentina go for the line out.
11: Taku Ngwenya try!!!!!!! Quick ball from Tameilau and then to Kruger out to Ngwenya who breaks a tackle and side steps for the try. Bird's conversion is good. He's on fire today as are the Eagles. Things are clicking right now. Ngwenya is in fine form. 13-0.
14: Taku Ngwenya called for tackling a player int he air. Argentina go quickly and they show great hands to get a try! That was an excellent counter-attack try. Tomas Carrio dotted it down. Conversion makes it 13-7.
20: Blaine Scully with a big break but it's spilled. U.S. definitely have had good chances so far.
21: Argentina almost with a try but a streaking Ngwenya hustles back to stop the score. Excellent hustle! 5m scrum to Argentina.
24: Try Argentina! They used their forwards to pile over. It's given to Rodrigo Baez. The easy conversion and Argentina are in front 14-13.
28: Argentina commit another penalty. Right in front of the posts but the U.S. go for the quick tap. Ngwenya goes a few meters short but is pushed into touch. Now there are handbags. Ngwenya is probably in big trouble.
30: Argentina not ten meters. U.S. will finally take the points. Bird's kick is good again. Eagles back in the lead at 16-14. Less than 10 minutes left in the half.
35: Argentina go wide and they are through again! Joaquin Paz this time. Simple stuff from the set piece. The conversion is good. 21-16 to Argentina.
38: U.S. scrum wins another penalty. They are pumped about that. Bird will kick again. The kick is off. Not much time left. Still 21-16.
40: Now the U.S. commit a penalty at the scrum. The long attempt at goal is no good and that's halftime.
41: Another big scrum from the Eagles! This is excellent to see. Fry is doing well.
44: Eric Fry pinged for not rolling away. Argentina's kick doesn't find touch. Big mistake from them.
45: Penalty on Argentina. The U.S. kick for a line out about 10 meters out. Another penalty and another line out for the Eagles. They will do this again.
47: Todd Clever held up off the maul but they will go back for a penalty. Eric Fry is held up. No TMO but they will go back for another penalty. Scully is discussing a yellow card.
50: There it is! Todd Clever crashes over for the try! Great work from the whole team. Bird's conversion is no good. 21-21.
53: Great tackle from Ngwenya to chase the box kick. Solid all around. In the end Argentina knocks it on.
55: Woah. Argentina with a sure try but they drop the pass. That kind of sums up their day.
58: Mike Te'o comes on. Great to see him get his first cap. Kruger comes off.
60: Some big hits from both sides. In the end it's another knock-on on Argentina. Fun match.
62: Ollie Kilifi and Jake Anderson on for Baumann and McGowan.
64: Argentina pressing really hard and they get a try! Gonzalo Bertranou is the one to score. It came off a quick tap penalty. The conversion makes it 28-21. with about 15+ minutes left.
65: Cam Dolan intercept try!!! Great read from Dolan and the Eagles are right back in this.  Bird's easy conversion is good. 28-28.
67: Clever coming off for blood. Alec Gletzer coming on.  Mike Sosene-Feagai also on for Taufete'e.
70: Now it's Clever coming in for Brodie Orth. Good shift from Orth.
72: Argentina have a man sent to the bin for killing a U.S. opportunity on the line. Solid pick-up from Kilifi to recognize the gap.
74: A big push from the Eagles and Eric Fry is over!!! Well done from the forwards to get that try. Solid match all around from them. Bird's kick is once again good. Eagles lead 35-28.
77: Argentina grab a try back late! Solid passing and play from them. You can't say this match isn't entertaining. Carrio again. The conversion is up and good. 35-35 with less than two minutes to play.
79: The U.S. get a very kickable penalty with not much time left. Bird will have a go. This will win it if it's in. Another scrum penalty. Ugh, and it's off. Still 35-35 with only seconds left.
80+: U.S. pinged for holding on. Argentina will take a very long and straight on shot at goal. The kick is up and no good.
Final: A flurry of final action and that's the end. Solid all around and a great platform to build off. Thanks for tuning in!

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