Tuesday, February 23, 2016

LVI Elite, Aces, & CRC Pool Update

As warned when the pools were released there have been some changes to the Men's Elite, Aces, and CRC pools at the Las Vegas Invitational. The core teams still remain the match-ups have changed slightly.

America Cup Men's Elite

The Falcons have seen their match-ups change slightly. They will still take on Tumatauenga and the Florida ODA in Pool B but they will now take on a France Development team rather than the Bridge City 7s. France comes in for Mexico, who have dropped out of the tournament. To make it more competitive France was put in Pool B. Pool D now has Froggies Midol, Denver 7s, Atlantis, and the Bridge City 7s. The other pools remain the same. Pool play takes place on Thursday, March 2nd.

Pool A: Daveta, Stars 1, Peru, Cayman Islands 2
Pool B: Falcons, Tumatauenga, Florida, France Development
Pool C: Northeast Academy, Chile, Stars 2, Air Force
Pool D: Froggies Midol, Denver 7s, Atlantis, Bridge City 7s
Pool E: Germany, Elite Selects, Cayman Islands 1, Black Dragons

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Men's Aces

There is just one change in the Men's Aces. The Life West Gladiators have moved from the CRC qualifier to the Aces and are in Pool E with the Chicago Lions, PNRFU Loggers, and the Spearhead Rugby Academy. There appears to be one hold or vacancy in the division in Pool C

Pool A: Elite Aces, South Africa All-Stars, Mana, Cayman Islands 3
Pool B: ATAVUS All-Stars, Upright Rugby Rogues, US Army Black, East Annapolis Fire Dept.
Pool C: British Columbia, US Army Gold, Valley Kangaroos, C4
Pool D: Rugby Quebec, Denver All-Stars, Kings Rugby, Tama Laie Lions
Pool E: Chicago Lions, PNRFU Loggers, Spearhead Rugby Academy, Life West Gladiators
Pool F: Humless 7s, Atlantis, Atlanta Old White, Bend Rugby

CRC Qualifier

With Life West's move from the CRC qualifier that now puts an opening in Pool F. There is also an opening in Pool E. Both vacancies will almost certainly be filled.

Pool A: AIC, Miami (OH), Ithaca 2, Colorado State
Pool B: Notre Dame College, James Madison, Colorado, UNLV
Pool C: Air Force, Delaware, Colgate, Citadel
Pool D: New England College, Lindenwood-Belleville, Ithaca 1, Dixie State
Pool E: Utah, Northeastern, Pitt, E4
Pool F: F1, St. Joe's, Harvard, Millersville

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