Saturday, February 20, 2016

Eagles Power Past Chile

Coming into their match against Chile it was expected that the Eagles would win, the question was whether they would be clinical and rack up a big score to help put them at the top of the ARC standings. They did just that with a big second half to beat Chile 64-0. With Argentina and Uruguay close the U.S. will move to the top of the ARC standings even if Argentina pull out the win.

Straight from the start the U.S. made their intentions known with a lot of possession deep in their own end. However, if there was a complaint in the match, and there weren't many, it was that early on the Eagles let too many chances go wanting. "

We're breaking up the game into four pieces and we're trying to play a complete game," said Todd Clever after the match. "We let ourselves down on some of the spaces and some of the times but we're happy with the result, especially with young guys."

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Eventually the U.S. were able to get their first try and after that it was lights out as they scored time and time again. The first to score was Chris Baumann ten minutes into the match. Off a lineout the forwards went to work where Baumann crashed over. The U.S. nearly added to their tally a few minutes later but JP Eloff's penalty was off. He'd make up for that only moments later as he sidestepped the Chilean defenders for the try.

Great interplay between Mike Te'o, Lorenzo Thomas, and Nic Edwards, all of whom had strong matches, saw Edwards third try of the match and give the U.S. a 17-0 lead with 20 minutes played. Chile weren't bad through the opening 20 minutes and they did have their chances but overall the U.S. were simply too big and too skilled for Chile to compete.

Throughout the first half the action was pretty stop-start and it was hard for either team to get a rhythm. Chile had an opportunity to kick for points in the 30th minute but it wasn't successful and the next team to score would be the Eagles. Joe Taufete'e showed great rugby brains as he picked up the ball out of a ruck with one hand, and then recognize that no Chilean player was home and defense to go in for the try. At halftime the Eagles led 24-0.

The second half was even better for the Eagles. Lorenzo Thomas, who was in the Junior All-Americans side last week, did well to rip the ball out of the Chilean defenders hands 10 meters from the line. The ball was then quickly sent back to Thomas and he barreled over for the try. Just three minutes later it was Jake Anderson that would score to push the lead to 38-0.

Play settled down for a few minutes but in the 63rd minute make the U.S. went back on a roll. In a weird sequence when everyone thought the ball had been knocked on Te'o was on the only player to keep playing and earned a try as a result. Just two minutes later Luke Hume connected with Chad London on a chip for a try. Te'o would finish off the match with a try to give the Eagles the big 65-0 win.

The U.S. will now move their focus to their two match swing in South America, beginning with Brazil next week. It's another match the Eagles are expected to run up a big score.


Tries: Baumann, Eloff, Edwards, Taufete'e, Thomas, Te'o (2), London
Conversions: Eloff (6)




  1. Eagles get the BP, plus some serious PD numbers to overtake Argentina XV.

    Uruguay look tough as all get out though. Held Argentina to 3 tries and tied them almost to the end.

    I am a bit concerned with the volume of injuries though. Curtis, could you get us some updates on those and what we can expect through rest of tournament?

  2. This was a major ass whooping, Chile was in a daze. The fact NZ has done the same to the Eagles tells us what a wide range of talent levels exists in rugby. I was at the game and saw one serious injury where they took a really long time to stabilize & remove the player from the field. I hope he has a good recovery.

  3. Injuries, please.
    I saw someone taken off in the Fort Lauderdale F&R buggy.
    Who was that?
    He was game, waving to the stands as he was loaded on a stretcher and then onto the buggy, but still...