Thursday, February 25, 2016

Eagles Call In Replacements For South America

With injuries impacting the Eagles depth as they head to South America several players have been retained and new players have been called in. Todd Clever has gone back to Newcastle but Eric Fry isn't heading back to England as scheduled and will help out. He may have been able to head back to England but with Chris Baumann injured the front-row was a little thin. Cam Falcon and Demecus Beach will join Ollie Kilifi as options with Fry in the props. Mike Sosene-Feagai and Joe Taufete'e are the other front-row options.

Other positions that have been left thin with injuries and returns are the locks and the back-row. Coming into the team to help build depth is James King, a New Zealand-raised player that has five combined games of Super Rugby experience between the Blues and the Melbourne Rebels. His last match came with the Rebels in 2013. He also has played with North Harbour in the ITM Cup. King will bring plenty of experience and can fill in at the locks or the back-row.

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Also coming into the team to help build depth is Hanco Germishuys and Aladdin Schirmer. Germishuys has been a beast for the All-Americans and many of tabbed him for a big breakout tournament. The same could be said for Schirmer who is underrated as a 15s player. All-Americans Deion Mikesell and Lorenzo Thomas have gone back to Lindenwood.

In the backs, Nic Edwards is out with a leg injury. Tim Stanfill comes back into the team after an absence and as we previously reported Andrew Suniula is into the team.

According to the original  list of players and updates this is who should be available for South America.

Squad: Jake Anderson (Olympic Club), James Bird (Old Blue), Tom Bliss (Wasps), JP Eloff (Chicago Lions), Alec Gletzer (Olympic Club), Ollie Kilifi (Seattle Saracens), Niku Kruger (Glendale Raptors), Ben Landry (Seattle Saracens), Chad London (Glendale Raptors), Kingsley McGowan (Trinity), Michelangelo Sosene-Feagai (Belmont Shore), David Tameilau (Life West), Joe Taufete'e (Belmont Shore), Mike Te'o (Eagles 7s), Bruce Thomas (SFGG), Matt Trouville (Seattle Saracens), Demecus Beach (Life), Cam Falcon (NOLA), Brodie Orth (Kansas City), Hanco Germishuys (Glendale Raptors), Ryan Matyas (Old Blue), Aladdin Schirmer (Central Washington), Tim Stanfill (Seattle Saracens)

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