Thursday, February 25, 2016

College Top Ten: Race Is On To Finish First

Photo: Karen Drinkwater
Each week we debate whether we should shake things up just for the sake of making it interesting. However, the point of rankings isn't to draw in views it's to try and accurately rank teams in a fractured college landscape. So by and large things remain the same until the top sides shake things up with increased matches against each other in the coming weeks.

1. BYU (Last Week: 1; beat St. Mary's 30-29): As expected the Cougars match against the Gaels was extremely close and only decided late. Still, it was a big win for BYU as they beat one of their top rivals on the road and now have the rubber match at home to claim unofficial "best team in the country" honors. Up next: Air Force

2. St. Mary's (LW: 2; lost to BYU 30-29): Had the Gaels lost to anyone else we probably would have knocked them down a peg. However, it's hard to push the Gaels down the rankings when they played a great match and had a chance to win it. Up next: UC Santa Barbara

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3. Cal (LW: 3; beat Air Force 65-12): The Golden Bears racked up another big win. Air Force provided a good test early but Cal was simply too much. As always, Cal has restocked their roster and are looking as strong as ever. Their match against St. Mary's in two-weeks looms large. Up next: UCLA

4. Life (LW: 4; bye): The first team had the weekend off but the JV squad fell to Charlotte Rugby Club. The Mid-South season begins this weekend setting off what should be a brutal stretch for the team. Up next: Lindenwood

5. Lindenwood (LW: 5; bye): The Lions had the weekend off like their rivals Life. Eagle Lorenzo Thomas is back in the team as are several stars from the Junior All-Americans. Lindenwood have high expectations for this year to break into the DI-A final and that journey begins this weekend. Up next: Life

6. Central Washington (LW: 6; bye): The independent schedule say the Wildcats sit idle last weekend. They will see their first college competition for awhile this weekend as they play Oregon State, arguably the second best college team in the Pacific Northwest (although some schools would dispute that). Time will tell if the independent schedule is benefiting CWU this year. Up next: Oregon State

7. Utah (LW: 8; beat Oregon State 72-13): We moved the Utes up this week after a big win over Oregon State. We've said it before and we'll say it again, the Utes could be real spoilers this year, especially has they come together more as a team. Up next: New Mexico

8. AIC (LW: 7; bye): AIC is focusing on 7s this spring and snow has prevented them from doing much. Up next: Spring 7s

9. Davenport (LW: 10; Bye): The Panthers have yet to start their Spring season but that will change next week against Arkansas State. Up next: Arkansas State

10. UCLA (LW: NR; beat Arizona 18-12): The Bruins are coming along well as a team and could make some hay in the Varsity Cup. Up next: Cal

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