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Thursday, February 11, 2016

College Top Ten: Central Washington On The Move

There is only one change this week to our rankings as Central Washington move up with a couple of big wins in Seattle.

1. BYU (Last Week: 1; bye): The Cougars were set to take on Colorado in Grand Junction on Saturday but weather cancelled that fixture. That's too bad for BYU as it takes away one more warm-up match before their big showdown with St. Mary's. Up next: Dixie State

2. St. Mary's (LW: 2; bye): The Gaels were another team with a bye. Like BYU, the bye, coupled with their cancelled match against Utah has left them some fixtures short. Up next: San Diego State

3. Cal (LW: 3; lost to the University of British Columbia 20-15): If the Golden Bears had beaten UBC, which is arguably the best non-Canadian Rugby Championship team in Canada, we might have moved the up the rankings. However, it wasn't too be. That said, full credit for Cal for putting together one of the best schedules in the country. It's only going to pay off in the end. Up next: Arizona; Arizona State

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4. Life (LW: 4; beat Clemson 76-13): The Running Eagles took on what is seen as the best team in the South other than Life and they came away as big winners. Things will get tough again next week with two matches against Air Force and Navy. Up next: Air Force; Navy

5. Lindenwood (LW: 5; beat Arizona 88-5): The Lions took on the Wildcats in Texas and came away with a big win. It's now less than a month before they start their Mid-South season, which should bring plenty of tough matches. Up next: Florida State, Spring Hill College

6. Central Washington (LW: 7; beat Washington 76-5, beat Eastside 110-7): We moved up the Wildcats this weekend after a very strong weekend in Seattle. Not only did they show once again they are the dominant team in the region with a win over the Huskies but then they followed it up with a win over Eastside. Up next: Valley RFC

7. AIC (LW: 6; Bye): AIC is focusing on 7s this spring and snow has prevented them from doing much. Up next: Spring 7s

8. Utah (LW: 8; beat Arizona State 31-10): The Utes have had a stop-start feel to their season but you get the feeling as the season goes on they are only getting better. The Utes could be a surprise team at the end of the season. Up next: Oregon State

9. Indiana (LW: 9, Bye): Like AIC, Indiana are playing Spring 7s and pretty much snowed in at the moment.  Up next: Spring 7s

10. Davenport (LW: NR, Bye): The Panthers have yet to start their Spring season but that will change later this month. Up next: Bye

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