Thursday, February 4, 2016

College Top Ten: BYU Stays First

The weather and bye weeks took their toll on college rugby last weekend. Only a few of the teams in our Top Ten played and as a result there isn't any change in the rankings. However, some teams set themselves up for big weekends.

1. BYU (Last Week: 1; bye): The Cougars had a bye over the weekend. Up next for the side is a tough Colorado team in Grand Junction followed by Dixie State the week after. That is all setting up a big trip to Moraga to play St. Mary's. Up next: Colorado

2. St. Mary's (LW: 2; match against Utah postponed): St. Mary's was to get another solid test on Saturday but due to weather through Nevada, Utah wasn't able to make it out to California. That's an opportunity lost but the team will play in March in Salt Lake. Up next: San Diego State

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3. Cal (LW: 3; beat Cal Poly 79-0): Not distracted by the beauty of the setting the Golden Bears made the trip to Pomona to play Cal Poly, typically one of the better California sides. Cal were once again at their best as they won 79-0. That match will be good preparation for one of the biggest matches of the year. They will host the University of British Columbia on Saturday in a match set to be aired on the PAC-12 Network. Up next: UBC (preview here)

4. Life (LW: 4; beat South Carolina 119-0): The Gamecocks have been one of the best teams in the South the last few years but Life showed just how big of a gap there is in the region. Up next is another big test against Clemson. Up next: Clemson

5. Lindenwood (LW:; )

6. AIC (LW: 6; Bye): AIC is focusing on 7s this spring and snow has prevented them from doing much. Up next: Spring 7s

7. Central Washington (LW: 7; Bye): The Wildcats are another team that had the weekend off, mostly due to snow. Although not in the NCRC anymore they will play the University of Washington next weekend in Seattle. Up next: Washington

8. Utah (LW: 8; match against St. Mary's postponed): The postponement against St. Mary's sucks but it does give the Utes and opportunity to rest up for Arizona State in a big PAC Rugby showdown.  Up next: Arizona State

9. Indiana (LW: 9, Bye): Like AIC, Indiana are playing Spring 7s and pretty much snowed in at the moment.  Up next: Spring 7s

10. Davenport (LW: NR, Bye): The Panthers have yet to start their Spring season. Up next: Bye 

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