Thursday, February 18, 2016

Colin Hawley Offered PRO Rugby Contract

It looks like the contract offers from PRO Rugby have been sent out to players. Former Cal and Eagles 7s star Colin Hawley sent out news today that he has been offered a contract. In a posting on Instagram Hawley expressed  "it's honestly amazing to get this email and see how far #rugby has come in the #usa I have seen a USOC Sevens Program at its inception grow from an unrefined entity to #giantkillers and I have high hopes that #prorugby will see the same success as those involved pioneer into the first ever #american professional rugby league"

According to the picture of the e-mail Hawley posted he had been assigned to the San Francisco team although that was not guaranteed. From what TIAR understands PRO Rugby has identified a group of players throughout the country that would make good fits for the competition and then using responses from an interest survey tried to put them as geographically close to their homes as possible. However, competitive balance is also a factor. 

Hawley is the first player linked with a specific team but you can bet that there will be plenty of other notices like this in the days to come. 

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