Thursday, February 18, 2016

ARP Moving To Fall Only

When PRO Rugby was announced it was expected to have ripples throughout club rugby in the United States. As expected, players and coaches are already drawing interest from the league but there is another impact happening at the same time: a change of season. With PRO Rugby taking up the late Spring and into the Summer it's creating a push for the PRP and ARP to change their seasons.

It looks like the ARP is the first to jump. From what TIAR has learned the ARP will be moving to a Fall season only format beginning this fall. Each team will play each but it's unclear how many matches will be played. That said, it will almost certainly be lower than the 8 they play now. Expect them to squeeze in more matches than the 4 they've been playing in the fall.

By moving their season to the Fall the ARP won't lose many of their core players for the last part of the season. Instead, they act as an important training ground for players in PRO Rugby and those aspiring to be. 

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  1. All of USA senior Rugby needs to move to a competitive fall only schedule. The spring should be for PRO Rugby, developmental play for senior teams, youth rugby, and representative rugby. The 7s season should start sooner and end such that the 15s season can run from August to November.