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Monday, January 18, 2016

Women Eagles 7s Selected For Latest Camp

The Women Eagles 7s have named their latest camp roster as they get set for the Sao Paulo 7s next month. Coming into camp are the same group of players that have made up the core over the last year or so but will be supplemented with a few additions. Some of those additions include Carmen Farmer and Meya Bizer who were just with the Serevi Selects in Fiji. The team played well at the Coral Coast 7s. Also coming into the team are Eagles veterans Sam Pankey and Christy Ringgenberg, who brings years of 7s experience to the team.

The team is coming off a less than stellar showing in Dubai where they finished second to last. The team has undergone some personnel adjustments and missed Vix Folayan badly but overall the team should have been able to perform better. Now entering the second stop they will be hoping for a better finish.

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To help aid preparations this go around the team will have several scrimmages against Canada, who are headed down to San Diego for a couple of weeks.

"For four months now we've been working on specific skills, techniques, and decision-making to execute a different way to play the game for us," head coach Jules McCoy said in a press release. "They wanted to see if they could read the game the way we've been working on, and we don't know what the opposition's going to do.

"They wanted to test themselves to see if they could read the defense the way they wanted to read it, and also to see how our new defensive system played out. I do feel, because they felt they made progress, it built more confidence in the changes that were being made."

"I believe that the girls feel like they're all going to put their heads down and they're going to do their best," McCoy said. "If they get picked [for Brazil Women's Sevens] they'll be happy and, if they don't get picked, they'll keep working.

"They're taking one day at a time and trying to get better, which is right where I want them to be."

In addition to picking the squad for Sao Paulo the team will be fielding a couple of sides in Vegas and likely Vancouver. This camp will help sort out those rosters as well.

Camp Roster: Emily Azevedo, Bui Baravilala, Meya Bizer, Megan Bonny, Lauren Doyle, Cheta Emba, Nana Fa'avesi, Carmen Farmer, Vix Folayan, Irene Gardner, Rachel Griendling, Kelly Griffin, Abby Gustaitis, Nicole Heavirland, Jessica Javelet, Alev Kelter, Hannah Lopez, Amy Naber, Jane Paar, Sam Pankey, Ashley Perry, Jillion Potter, Christy Ringgenberg, Richelle Stephens, Naya Tapper, Kristen Thomas, Kate Zackary

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