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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Top California Sides Prepped For Storer Classic

Dennis Storer

The Storer Classic, the opening weekend for many college teams in California, takes place this weekend at UCLA. Named after long-time UCLA and Eagles coach Dennis Storer the tournament features the likes of perennial winner Cal as well as emerging powers UCLA and UC-Davis. Although Cal have won the tournament in all ten additions they did lose recently to UCLA. The tournament is 15s but matches are shortened. In addition to Cal, UCLA, and UC-Davis, UC-Santa Cruz and UC-San Diego are playing in the tournament.

Play begins on Saturday with Cal taking on San Diego, Santa Clara, and UC-Davis while UCLA takes on the same three teams. On Sunday most of the fixtures are pre-arranged with UCLA set to play Cal in the final match. Additionally, there is a high school tournament hat will go alongside the college competition and will feature many of the top sides from California and Snow Canyon from Utah.

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