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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Report: Carolina Potentially Interested In PRO Rugby

It's not just fans that want to see PRO Rugby in their city but even now other organizations with the power to host a team are interesting in having a team. That latest group to offer up the idea of having a PRO Rugby team is the Carolina RailHawks of the North American Soccer League. Talking to The News & Observer RailHawks owner Steve Malik suggest that the team was looking at a potential women's soccer team, lacrosse, or rugby, even going as far as to state "there’s a number of professional leagues starting up that might be of interest.” The idea would be for the second team help the RailHawks earn more sponsors and bring people out to WakeMed Soccer Park, the host of the NACRA 7s.

Now, before folks get too excited sports team owners talk like this all the time. They want to have as many tenets as is financially responsible in their stadiums. That means when the RailHawks are away people from the Raleigh-Durham area have another reason to head out to the stadium. That said, it is a natural grass pitch in an stadium that is ideal size for PRO Rugby. North Carolina isn't on the initial round of teams headed for PRO Rugby but it's one to watch in the future. 


  1. The quote above is pretty generic … it doesn't specifically state Pro Rugby. He could just as easily be talking about the NRFL or even the 7's league.

  2. Would be awesome to have a team in the South. That and a team in Houston/Dallas/Austin would be great for year 2.

  3. Year 1 - San Fran, Sacramento, San Diego, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Philadelphia.

    Year 2 - original 6 teams + New York, Houston/Dallas/Austin, 2 Canadian sides

    Year 3 - 10 teams from year 2 + Chicago and Atlanta/Raleigh/Charlotte

    12 teams would be a good number for a while

    1. Need one in Boston. 22% of the rugby played in this country is played in New England.