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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Q&A: Answers To Your Questions

Thanks to everyone who submitted a questions to this Q&A. We had another great round. As you would expect, we got questions on John Mitchell, PRO Rugby, and more.

Charley: Do you have any insight on what Scott Lavalla's plans are for the future?

TIAR: We haven't spoken to Scott since he retired but the last we heard he was headed for the military.

Evan: A couple of things--Do you have any insight as to why Bender didn't make traveling squad? He has been such a key player the first two stops.  Also, you mention that you would like to see Wyles in the Eagles set up upon retirement, is there any indication from his part that this is in his plans? Does he want to get into coaching?

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TIAR: Bender is out with an injury. He was banged up fairly well after South Africa so he's out for a bit. Danny Barrett returning helps make up for it but Bender is a big loss.

As for Wyles, he didn't indicate that he wants to get into coaching. He's got some side business that seem to keep his interest. You don't have to be a coach to be involved. Wyles seems like a great guy that could potentially be someone like Alex Magleby's assistant in Europe. He knows the landscape and can help keep track of players over there. All that said, that's just a guess on our part.

Juju: The former rugby channel led by Matt Brown failed in part because it was to damn difficult to connect to a TV. Will PRO rugby repeat this mistake or will the games be available on a wide range of devices such as roku, fire stick, chromecast etc.

TIAR: From what we understand the league could have a regular broadcast option with a well known name. It's still a work in progress but they will have something. It's possible for them to have a regular TV deal on top of a streaming option.

One of the bigger questions is what is happening with RIM's streaming option. There hasn't been much word out of RIM and at this point it doesn't look like they are in a rush to get anything out there that isn't ready.

G Ha: Any more insight on the hiring of John Mitchell? Some articles state their were no domestic applicants other than Mike Tolkin. And in another piece it was mentioned that Nigel Melville contacted John Mitchell and asked him to apply. Was this really an open application or were there some shady dealings going on with Nigel Melville? Who else applied?

TIAR: We can't speak to the other American applicants. Those were kept on a tight leash. It wouldn't be shocking for Melville to reach out to Mitchell. He knows him and he's available. Why not try to reach out to see if you can get someone interested who might not normally be interested. It was an open application. There is one thing you always know about U.S.A. Rugby, when Alex Magleby is involved everyone will get consideration at some level. Magleby is extremely fair and is doing a lot of good things behind the scenes. He was one of the main drivers of who is going to be in the ARC squad.

G HA: When will selections take place for the Eagles for the upcoming ARC? Assuming John Mitchell will not be making them who will be? And lastly, seeing Eddie Jones choosing several young players for the England squad, with an eye towards the RWC in 2019, which young American players would you tip for a similar selection (Pinkelman, Germanhuys, McClellan maybe)?

TIAR: The selections have been made. We know some of the players that will be involved (for example, JP Eloff will be there). The team is mostly going to be younger players with some domestic veterans. The idea is to build a young core to start the new World Cup cycle. The three players you listed above would be good candidates school and work permitting. As mentioned above, Alex Magleby, with the input of a lot of stakeholders, worked to build the team.

Eli: Nia Williams was absent from the Women's 7s camp roster for the Brazil tournament, though she had been a great player for the team in Dubai. Do you know why? Is she out of the program?

TIAR: She's not out of the program. We're not sure why she wasn't selected. That said, the Women Eagles 7s have brought in a lot of competition ahead of Rio. That is going to cause some turnover in the selections, which is a good thing. 


  1. Word is that Heineke Meyer was the first person to be asked if he was interested in applying.

  2. If the ARC squad is chosen, and the first game is in two weeks, when will we see a list of players?

  3. I heard rumors, actually I saw them, of Lavalla pursuing a medical career within the military. Not a bad gig if you can get them to pay for it.

  4. Nigel said via twitter that the RIM channel will be up sometime in the first quarter. what year not sure. could be this year prior before ARC or 2017.