Wednesday, January 27, 2016

PRP Power Rankings: Glendale Start Out In First

The PRP season begins this weekend and we thought it was the perfect time to debut our 2016 rankings. By and large this rankings will be going off how the teams have performed the first two seasons as well as the moves they've made in the offseason.

1. Glendale Raptors (0-0-0): The Raptors come into the season as the defending champions. They've lost Preston Bryant and Nick Wallace but they've gained Hanco Germishuys full time and Niku Kruger. He'll make a great pair with the timeless Mose Timoteo. Armandt Peens also seems to be in the right frame of mind and played well against Seattle. Up next: Olympic Club

2. San Francisco Golden Gate (0-0-0): Golden Gate were disappointed not to be back to back champions but the core of their team stays intact and they have what it takes to make it back to the final. They have a new coach which could shake things up this year. Up next: Belmont Shore

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3. Belmont Shore (0-0-0): It was a toss-up for us between Belmont Shore and OMBAC for the third spot. In the end it came down to the typical x-factors that Belmont Shore have. This year should be no different with some players coming out of nowhere to star for the club. Also, we think they get out to a quick start this year than last. Up next: Belmont Shore

4. OMBAC (0-0-0): OMBAC won't have Todd Clever, their big pick-up from last year, but they still have a solid group of players that only seems to be getting better each year. They have also stepped up their recruiting game with Kalei Konrad set to turn some heads. If they can bring in some players from the expanded Eagles 7s pool then they could be in the final. Up next: Denver Barbarians

5. Denver Barbarians (0-0-0): The last several years the Barbarians have gone on some strong stretches followed by a stretch in which they don't play so well. Players like Logan Collins and Max De Achaval are some of the best players in the league but they need more help. If they can have Ben Pinkelman for longer stretches they should be in good shape. Up next: OMBAC

6. Olympic Club (0-0-0): For the first two years of the league Olympic Club has finished at the bottom of the table. Like the other teams in the league they have a couple of strong standouts but not as much depth. The only reason we are ranking them higher this year is that they have picked up Jake Anderson from Cal. He could be a difference maker. Up next: Glendale

7. Santa Monica (0-0-0): The Dolphins season is going to depend a lot on who they can get to compliment players like Harry Bennett and Mathieu Lesgourges. They lost Chris Baumann in the offseason which hurts. Up next: BYE