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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Poll Tuesday: Who Is The Best College Team In The Country?

It's Tuesday and that means once again it's time for our weekly poll where we ask you to give your opinion on a topic relevant to American rugby. Before we get to this week's question let's take a look back at last week.  We asked you what you thought of the John Mitchell hire as the next coach of the Eagles. Exactly 50% of you opted to wait and see while 44% of you thought it was "Awesome!" Only 6% of you said it was "not the right pick." It's not very surprising to see fans back the new coach given his resume. At the same time, Mitchell hasn't had the greatest relationship with teams in the past which we thought might translate into more negative votes.

In this week's poll we are going to turn out attention to college rugby. The Spring season is about to heat up when the "traditional" favorites begin play. For the last few years that has meant Life, BYU, Cal, and St. Mary's. This year a team like Lindenwood could break through (we don't want to not mention AIC who had a great year) or it could be another side like Central Washington. Since teams are split into a Varsity Cup/DI-A divide and it's impossible to really see who is number one, we want you to pick a team you think is the best college side in the country. Vote in the poll below. 

1 comment:

  1. Seriously? Just look at each of their schedules......Who does Cal play? How about BYU? And St. Mary's?? Year after year.....

    After looking at them the answer will be clear......(hint, not cal...)