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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Poll Tuesday: Is Chris Wyles The Greatest Eagle?

It's Tuesday and that means once again it's time for our weekly poll where we ask you to give your opinion on a topic relevant to American rugby. Before we get to this week's question let's take a look back at last week.  We asked you who you thought was the best college team in the country. Admittedly we had few options with just BYU, Cal, St. Mary's, and Other listed. Overall, the vote was unsurprisingly tight. Cal was the eventual winner with 34% of the vote. However, that was closely followed by Other at 30% and BYU and 28%. The most surprising part of the poll was that St. Mary's only registered 8%.

This week we want to ask you about Chris Wyles. The long-time Eagle retired from international 15s duty today to focus on making the Olympic team and playing for Saracens. He leaves as one of only nine players with 50 caps or more and is third in all-time tries and points. In addition, his leadership and consistency over the last decade or so has some, including ourselves, have called him the greatest Eagle of all-time. We want to know if you agree. Vote in the Twitter poll below. 

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