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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Junior All-Americans Tested In Lindenwood Scrimmage

Less than a month remains before the Junior All-Americans face Canada in Austin for the chance to qualify for the Junior World Rugby Trophy. The Junior All-Americans missed out last year losing to Canada in two matches on Vancouver Island and this year the team is hoping to reverse the result. The team gathered over the weekend at Lindenwood University where the action was capped off with a pair of scrimmages against the Lions. 

As you would expect with a team that hasn't had much time together the Junior All-Americans played well in fits and starts but the consistency of Lindenwood showed through in the end with a 19-17 win in the first match and a 26-17 win in the second half. Both teams played most of their "regulars" in the first match with the second match being more experimental in nature. Despite the losses, the Junior All-Americans gained time together on the pitch which should help as they enter a week long camp ahead of the Canada match. 

Lindenwood University provided photos of the scrimmage which can be seen after the jump. 

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  1. Any possibility of posting a roster to see who is on the team?

  2. It's already happened, on several Rugby blogs.

  3. This is nice but we are going to get beat by Canada. They have been training and will have played several fixtures against other U20 international sides before the match on February 13. Looks like we should start planning for a summer tour.