Wednesday, January 27, 2016

College Top Ten: First Rankings Of 2016

As the college season heats up we thought it was time to debut our 2016 College Top Ten. As a reminder, our top ten picks from every college team in the country, whether they play Varsity Cup, DI-A, DI-AA, or something else. It's impossible to get everything accurate in our fractured college landscape but it's fun trying. Feel free to post your top ten in the comments.

1. BYU (Last Week: won Red Rock Tournament): The Cougars start out our rankings in the top spot. Over the last few years BYU has proven themselves to be the best team in the country with regular wins over Cal and St. Mary's. Yes, it would be nice if they were able to play a team like Life but for us there isn't any debate that until someone beats BYU, they are the top team in the country. Up next: Bye

2. St. Mary's (Last Week: beat Lindenwood 24-13): The Gaels haven't been afraid to test themselves, including last weekend's match against Lindenwood. The conditions weren't great but St. Mary's proved that they are ready to fight for another DI-A title. Dylan Audsley is going to have a lot of attention on him this year, for just reasons. Up next: Utah

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3. Cal (Last Week: won the Storer Classic): For what seems like the bazillionth time Cal won the Storer Classic over UCLA. It's been a good season opener for the Golden Bears and this year was no different. As always, Cal has reloaded and they have a few younger players that are ready to step up. Up next: Cal Poly

4. Life (Last Week: Bye): The Running Eagles will ease into their season once again. They played a JV match against Atlanta Old White last weekend and then will play South Carolina next weekend before playing Clemson. Up next: South Carolina

5. Lindenwood (Last Week: lost to St. Mary's, beat Santa Clara): We were severely tempted to move Lindenwood up. They are a team on the rise and Sebastian Kalm is going to have a lot of people talking this year. They showed they can match up with St. Mary's but they are going to need to find something more to put them over the top. Up next: Bye

6. AIC (Last Week: Bye): We've said it before and we'll say it again, we'd love to see AIC take on the likes of St. Mary's and BYU just to see where they are at as a team. We think that they are right there and could be very competitive against the top teams in the country. Up next: Spring 7s

7. Central Washington (Last Week: lost to Olympic Club 19-15): The Wildcats got away from the snow of Ellensburg to play Olympic Club last weekend. It was the perfect type of runout for the team as they get ready for a big season. They are no longer playing in the NCRC so look for them to get even more matches like this one. If there is going to be a surprise team in college rugby this year it's going to be the Wildcats. Up next: Bye

8. Utah (Last Week: beat Arizona 39-31): The Utes showed a bit of rust in their win over Arizona but they did a great job of coming back from an early deficit. If they can get things organized they could make some waves in either the Varsity Cup or DI-A playoffs. Up next: St. Mary's

9. Indiana (Last Week: Bye): The Hoosiers were another team to play 15s in the fall with a bit of a break until 7s gets going stronger. They didn't get as much coverage in the fall as they should have but they are a team that can play. Up next: Spring 7s

10. Arizona (Last Week: lost to Utah): Arizona have a lot of ambitions for the season and despite the loss to Utah things are on the up. Up next: New Mexico

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