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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Women Pelicans Beat Griffins In All-Star Match

By Emily Ogata

The newly re-established Women’s Griffins team competed in their first match, taking on the Northern California Pelicans in picturesque Huntington Beach.  The Griffins came out strong with some beautiful phase play, which put them in position to take advantage of a Pelicans penalty.  Number 8, Emily Rodin, took the Griffins quick tap and scored a diving try to put the Griffins on the scoreboard.  Laura Steele (#15) converted the try, putting the Griffins up 7-0.

The Pelicans came back hard and pushed the Griffins deep into their half.  A Pelicans scrum followed by a couple quick crashes created enough space for them to take the ball wide to their #15 for a try in the corner.

Minutes later, series of Griffins penalties put the Pelicans in scoring position again. #7 took a quick tap deep in Griffins territory and gave a quick pass to #21 for the try.

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Possession and momentum swung back and forth for the remainder of the half, but neither team was able to get on the board again.  Some great tackling by wing, Eline Castaneda prevented the Pelicans from turning the corner a number of times and the halftime whistle blew with the score Griffins 7- Pelicans 10.

The Pelicans came out strong in the second half and were able to use their size, speed and excellent ball handling to take advantage of Griffins penalties and handling errors to touch down four tries in the second half.  Numbers 1, 6, 18, and 14 made it over the line to score for the Pelicans and #10 converted on one of the tries.

The Griffins had a number of potential scoring opportunities, but they were unable to take advantage of field position and Pelicans penalties when given the chance. The match ended, as we were running out of daylight, with a score of Griffins 7- Pelicans 32.

The Griffins coaches and management were all very excited to get this program off the ground and continue to be excited for the growth of the players and the program.

Griffin Standouts:

Emily Rodin - #8 - Solid on both offense on defense, set the pace for the Griffin forwards.

Eline Castaneda - #14 - Made a number of try-saving tackles on the outside and played fantastic cover defense.

Julianne Gould - #10 - Did a great job organizing the back line under pressure.

Danielle Robottom - #6 - Good positioning, support lines and work rate.

Score breakdown:

12 min       SoCal Try -  #8 Emily Rodin
14 min       SoCal Conversion - #15 Laura Steele
32 min       NorCal Try - #15
23 min       NorCal Try - #21
45 min       NorCal Try - #1
52 min       NorCal Try - #6
59 min       NorCal Try - #18
61 min       NorCal Conversion - #10
69 min       NorCal Try - #14

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