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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Uruguay Confirms Eagles A6N Visit In March

With Uruguay confirming their Americas Six Nations schedule today the Eagles have the final piece in their schedule. As expected, the U.S. will face Uruguay in Montevideo on March 5th, the same weekend as the Las Vegas 7s. The match comes one week after the U.S. plays Brazil on February 27th making it a two week South American tour, similar to what the Eagles had prior to the World Cup. The only match that we haven't heard the firm details but seems like a lock is the Eagles home match against Chile in Ft. Lauderdale on February 20th.

Below is what the Eagles schedule looks like barring in mind nothing has been confirmed by U.S.A. Rugby. The U.S. should have a new coach in place by then and as we reported earlier, ESPN has an interest in the tournament. Finally, although regulation 9 is in place for the tournament do not expect many, at least those in the big three competitions in Europe, Eagles to be called in to play. This will be a domestic squad.

February 6th: U.S.A. vs. Argentina (Houston)
February 13th: U.S.A. vs. Canada (Austin)
February 20th: U.S.A. vs. Chile (Ft. Lauderdale)
February 27th: Brazil vs. U.S.A. (Brazil)
March 5th: Uruguay vs. U.S.A. (Uruguay)


  1. Any idea whether or not our overseas pro's will be available for these matches or will the side rely exclusively on domestic talent? If this is going to become a key competition then we need our best guys available. Otherwise isn't this just a glorified version of the competition that is already in place?

    1. See the last two sentences. Also, from what we understand the Americas Rugby Championship is still happening.

    2. Curtis,
      Will the Pumas be competing or will this be an Argentina A side?

  2. I believe the idea is to provide more test matches for the nations involved. It will likely start as Argentina running out their "A" squad, the Jaguars. Which will be those players not getting regular match time in Super Rugby and the top PladAR players. I imagine the US and Canada will play mostly domestic players with a few overseas pros sprinkled in. Uruguay, Brazil, and Chile have mostly domestic players, but might bring in their few pro players. As the competition grows, you hope to see it morph into one where each country trots out its best 23. Right now though, it's more about development.