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Thursday, December 31, 2015

TIAR Awards, Men's Club 7s Player of the Year: Rick Kirkland

Like the rest of our awards this one was extremely difficult to pick. Just on Seattle alone you have a number of players that could be considered for the award, like Jope Motokana, Kevin Swiryn, Mike Palefau, and Tim Stanfill. From Denver you have the likes of Ben Pinkelman, Logan Collins, and Max De Achaval, and then there is Mike Te'o, Gannon Moore, Rich Kirkland, Dom Wareing, Mike St. Claire, Derek Lipscomb, Sean Rafferty, Jared Collinson, and more.

In the end it was close but for us our Men's Club 7s Player of the Year is Rick Kirkland from Old Blue and the Northeast Academy. Kirkland could be the next star on the World Series. He's fast and he scores tries in bunches. He's also hitting the right time when newcomers to the sport really start to take off. Old Blue may have finished with the Plate at the Club 7s Nationals but even then Kirkland came off really well, scoring nearly a try a game. For the Northeast Academy at tournaments like the Tobago 7s and the Limerick 7s he has also shown well. It's his whole body of work that makes him standout, and for us, worthy of this award.

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