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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Teo Comes Into Eagles 7s For Cape Town

Mikey Te'o has come into the Eagles 7s team ahead of the Cape Town 7s in place of Nate Augspurger who is back in the states for his brother's wedding. Alex Goff first reported that Te'o was coming into the team and then has been confirmed on the World Rugby website. So far that is the only change to the team but Thretton Palamo is in South Africa as cover in case other players go down. With Danny Barrett and Andrew Durutalo out the team is missing a couple of big bodies and Palamo provides cover in case one of Matai Leuta, Garrett Bender, or Brett Thompson goes down.

The rest of the team remains the same at this point. The U.S. enters the tournament on a high thanks to their 3rd place finish in Dubai. There they beat the All Blacks twice and South Africa. In Cape Town they will face Wales, Portugal, and Australia.

Squad: Carlin Isles, Matai Leuta, Brett Thompson, Garrett Bender, Zach Test, Kevin Swiryn, Folau Niua, Maka Unufe, Mike Te'o, Madison Hughes, Perry Baker, Will Holder

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