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Thursday, December 17, 2015

South Panthers Announce Team To Face The Bahamas

The South Panthers, fresh from their win over the Capital Selects, have announced their larger roster to take on The Bahamas in their NACRA opener on January 9th in Nassau. The team has many of the same players that have performed well for the team in the past as well as in their matches against the Capital Selects and Life. A few of the more notable names include Matt Hughston, who has been on tour with the Stars and has been in Eagles 7s camp, New Orleans standouts Jeff Reuther and Chance Doyle, and MVP against the Capital Selects Ron Omondi. Also on the roster is Amir Khan from Detroit. That club certainly isn't in the South but Khan is trying to get as many high level matches as he can to try and reach a higher level.

Most of the players come from clubs throughout the South, including Atlanta Old While, New Orleans, Raleigh, Charlotte, and more. At the same time, there is once again a selection of college players available including Casey Davidson and Nathan Driggers from the University of Georgia and Ben Lopata and Thomas Savoie from Louisiana Tech.

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The team will take on The Bahamas with the potential of playing in more NACRA (or whatever it's called now) matches later on in the year although it is World Cup qualifying for NACRA so there may be a different format this year.


Tyler Bishop (Tallahassee), Zach Blalock (Birmingham), Irving Carcamo (Charlotte), Waymon Cassell (Nashville), Casey Davidson (University of Georgia), Chance Doyle (New Orleans), Nathan Driggers (University of Georgia), Daniel Falkner (Appalachian St.), Jarrett Gartin (North Atlanta), Amro Gouda (Charlotte), Stephen Hickey (Augusta), Matt Hughston (Charlotte), Corey Jones (Little Rock), Amir Khan (Detroit), Ben Lopata (Louisiana Tech), Zach Miller (North Atlanta), Ron Omondi (Atlanta Old White), Alejandro Ospina (Charlotte), Jeff Reuther (New Orleans), Thomas Savoie (Louisiana Tech), Todd Sherer (Columbia), Calvin Storey (Raleigh),


Renaldo Arroya (Valdosta St.), Rene Daniel (USA Rugby South), Francesco Balsas (Atlanta Old White)

Medical Staff

Sean Borman (Monster Sports), Mary-Catherine & Senn Hughston (Sports Medicine)


Wes Darwin (Purple Moose Media)


Gary Kent (Columbus/Fort Benning), Kevin Kitto (USA Rugby South)

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