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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Poll Tuesday: Will The Eagles Men Medal In Rio?

It's Tuesday and that means once again it's time for our weekly poll where we ask you to give your opinion on a topic relevant to American rugby. Before we get to this week's question let's take a look back at last week. We asked which Eagles Americas Six Nations opponent you were most excited about. Overwhelmingly with 71% of the vote you chose Argentina. Next was Canada with 18% followed by Chile/Brazil at 8% and Uruguay at 3%. The results aren't terribly surprising. Argentina is a team that the U.S. hasn't played against in awhile and they will be the toughest opponent of the tournament.

This week we want to ask you if you think at this point the Eagles 7s men will medal in Rio. They've made the Cup semi-finals four straight times and in two of those times they would have come home with a medal (Gold and Bronze). That said, this is a new phenomenon for the team who have improved but haven't always been a top four team. That's why this week we want to ask you the question.

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