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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Poll Tuesday: Which A6N Opponent Are You Most Excited About?

It's Tuesday and that means once again it's time for our weekly poll where we ask you to give your opinion on a topic relevant to American rugby. Before we get to this week's question let's take a look back at last week. We asked you which PRO Rugby team you thought would be next. The options were Denver, Philadelphia (both of which have strongly been linked as incoming teams), or Other. With 61% of the vote Denver finished on top while Philadelphia was second with 27%. Other had 12% of the vote. PRO Rugby has said they'd like to have the teams announced by the end of th year so expect some announcements soon.

This week we want to ask you which Americas Six Nations opponent you are looking forward to the Eagles facing the most. Last week we learned that the U.S. would play Argentina in Houston and Canada in Austin. Chile in Florida is a strong rumor while the team will travel to Uruguay and Brazil. Bear in mind this probably won't be the first team for the Eagles, Canada, and Argentina. Vote in the tweet below (due to limitations we've mushed Chile and Brazil together).


  1. Chile! But only because the game is in Florida and I actually have a reasonable chance of being able to attend.

  2. Actually, I'm looking forward to whatever match is in Florida, so I can go down, catch the game, and visit friends.

    So, Florida, keeping my fingers crossed...

    1. I am most excited about the Pumas!