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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Expanded A6N Will Replace October ARC

For the last several years October has seen the Eagles Selects take part in the Americas Rugby Championship. After a change in format for a couple of years the tournament settled on a week of matches in British Columbia featuring 'A' teams from Argentina, the U.S., and Canada, as well as the full team of Uruguay. All four teams used it to prepare for their November tours with several bubble players have the opportunity to prove themselves and gain selection for the full team. Now that format of the tournament is going away.

It had been rumored that the October ARC would continue alongside the new Americas Six Nations. However, we've been able to confirm that the October ARC has been scrapped in favor of the Americas Six Nations (which will be called the Americas Rugby Championship). It doesn't really come as much of a surprise that there wouldn't be a separate tournament given the resources that are going to go into the Six Nations. However, national team coaches will miss the opportunity to test their domestic players. Maybe the U.S. and Canada will figure out something that works for them.


  1. Anybody know who is broadcasting/streaming the a6n?

    1. ESPN is rumored to be involved. Possibly through ESPN3/WatchESPN but that's not confirmed.