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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2016 Rugby Events Calendar

Photo: Dave Stephenson

2016 is shaping up to be a very busy year for rugby. We've already covered that the Eagles are going to be playing at least five more matches than normal but the centerpiece of the year will be the Rio Olympics. For most of July and August the attention will be focused on the 7s team as they get ready for the tournament. In addition to the Olympics and Eagles matches there are plenty of college and club matches.

If there is something missing from the list, let us know!


22-24th: National Development Summit (San Francisco, California)
30th: Pacific Rugby Premiership Season Begins (Various Locations)
30-31st: Wellington 7s (Wellington, New Zealand)*

*The 29-30th for us in the States.

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6th: Eagles vs. Argentina (Houston, Texas)
6-7th: Sydney 7s (Sydney, Australia)*
13th: Eagles vs. Canada (Austin, Texas)
13th: Junior All-Americans vs. Canada (Austin, Texas)
20th: Eagles vs. Chile (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)
20-21st: Sao Paulo 7s, (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
27th: Eagles vs. Brazil (TBD in Brazil)

*The 5-6th in the States.


3-5th: Las Vegas Invitational (Las Vegas, Nevada)
4-6th: Las Vegas 7s (Las Vegas, Nevada)
5th: Eagles vs. Uruguay (Montevideo, Uruguay)
11-13th: Rugby Gold Cup (Dallas, Texas)
12th: London Irish vs. Saracens (Harrison, New Jersey)
12-13th: Vancouver 7s (Vancouver, British Columbia)
19th: American Rugby Premiership spring season begins (Various Locations)


1-3rd: Women's College Regional Playoffs (Various Locations)
8-9th: Atlanta 7s (Atlanta, Georgia)
8-10th: Women's College Regional Playoffs (Various Locations)
8-10th: Hong Kong 7s (Hong Kong)*
9th: Varsity Cup Round 1 (Various Locations)
16th: Varsity Cup Quarterfinals (Various Locations)
16-17th: Singapore 7s (Singapore)*
16-17th: Langford 7s (Langford, British Columbia)
17th: PRO Rugby Opening Weekend (Various Locations)
22-24th: Women's College Spring Championships (Various Locations)
23rd: DI-A Quarterfinals (Various Locations)
23rd: Varsity Cup Semi-finals (Various Locations)
23-24th: Men's DI-AA Regional Playoffs (Various Locations)
30th: DI-A Semi-finals (Various Locations)
30th: ARP spring season ends (Various Locations)


7th: College 15s National Championships (TBD)
7th: Varsity Cup Final (Sandy, Utah)
14th: PRP Final (likely Infinity Park)
14-15th: Paris 7s (Paris, France)
20-22nd: London 7s (London, United Kingdom)
21-22nd: Club Playoffs (TBD)
28-29th: Clermont 7s (Clermont, France)
27-29th: College 7s National Championships (Cary, North Carolina)


4-5th: Club Championships (TBD)
4-5th: Collegiate Rugby Championship (Chester, Pennsylvania)
11th: June International (TBD, North America)
18th: June International (TBD, North America)
25th: June International (TBD, North America)


31st: PRO Rugby Final


5-7th: Olympics, Women's Event (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
8-10th: Olympics, Women's Event (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
13-14th: Club 7s Nationals (TBD)*
26-29th: RugbyTown 7s (Infinity Park)

*May be moved due to the Olympics.




12th: November International (TBD, Europe)
19th: November International (TBD, Europe)
20th: November International (TBD, Europe)


TBD: Dubai 7s (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
TBD: Cape Town 7s (Cape Town, South Africa)

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  1. Thanks for putting this together Curtis. Printing this out. Its going to be a busy year!