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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tui Osborne To Lead St. Bonaventure

By Ryan Trost

Nov. 19th, 2015  –  With less 48 hours to go, before their Bowl Series match with Western Michigan, the St. Bonaventure rugby team released a statement naming Tui Osborne as Associate Head Coach. In an exclusive interview with This is American Rugby, Head Coach Clarence Picard said that the relationship with Osborne began almost immediately after the announcement was made that he would be leaving Life University, in order to be closer to family in Buffalo, NY.

“Sent a message to him the same day,” said Picard. “We knew he had Buffalo connections and some of his former players are nearby so we thought it made a lot of sense.” Specators, press and participants at the ACRC event in Charlotte this weekend will have the opportunity to see Osborne patrol the sidelines with Picard for the first time. They have actually been working together in training for two weeks. Osborne was named an Interim Coach until the details of his role could be ironed out.

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“He’s great. He has no ego, he jumped right in and the kids love him,” Picard continued. “Tui stepped right in to continuing progress we have already been working on. He has a real eye for the next step. He’s already taken what we have in place and built on it.” It’s still very early in the relationship and thus unclear how much of an effect Osborne will have had on the team heading into their clash with WMU, but knowing how highly regarded he was with his players at Life, odds are in his favor.

After this weekend, Osborne will become the head coach of the Bonnies’ Spring and Summer 7’s program. Picard will crossover with him often, but will concentrate his efforts more fully on their developmental 15’s program, running concurrently to Osborne’s 7’s program. After that, well there is no after, really. According to Picard both he and Osborne are already very active in recruiting efforts for the fall as well. “We always try to keep moving forward and this was an opportunity to take a big step forward,” he said. Picard and his staff are deservedly excited about bringing Osborne into the fold in upstate, NY. The move bodes well for all of Rugby East too, a conference that prides itself on its level of competition from top to bottom.

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