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Friday, November 27, 2015

SANZAR Once Again Hints At North American Expansion

It's becoming somewhat of a repeated theme but once again SANZAR have hinted at interest in North America. The latest to comment is new CEO Andy Marinos. When asked if geography was an issue Marinos pointed to markets that might make a good fit. That included North America and the Pacific Islands. Marinos mentioned North America as a market they expect to grow and develop, which could mean more camps, partnerships, or even possibly a SANZAR regular season match in the United States.

This is not the first time that SANZAR has expressed an interest in the U.S. but at the same time, ever since the Eagles-All Blacks match sold out in November 2014, there are few rugby organizations left in the world that haven't expressed an interest in the United States. That said, interest in Super Rugby, especially on the West Coast, is high in America. Only time will tell what SANZAR has in store for North America. 


  1. It would be too costly to have a full time team in the US. An occasional match? perhaps. But they have been "hinting" & "talking out it" since before I can remember. I believe it when the first actual ticket sales happen.

  2. Ain't happening. Let's just focus on prorugby

  3. By this point in the game, the SANZAR To North America expansion rumors should be considered as relevant as a Grand Prix Rugby press release...

  4. I think America would be a bridge too far for SANZAR and Super Rugby. South Africa would inevitably have to shoulder *another* team a bajillion miles and time zones away which will only lead to more anger in South Africa that their teams unfairly travel further and thus get more fatigued than the Australian and Kiwi sides.

    And what will Pro Rugby say if USA Rugby effectively pulled the carpet out from under them by jumping into bed with SANZAR?!