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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Only Three Spots Left For Rio Games

With Kenya and and Australia booking their places in Rio over the weekend on the men's side and Fiji doing the same on the women's side there are only three spots (one men's, two women's) left in the Olympics. All that's left is the final qualification tournament next June where teams like Canada will have a chance on the men's side to qualify.

So who's in? On the men's side there is host Brazil, World Sevens Series top four Fiji, South Africa, New Zealand, and Great Britain (Wales, Scotland, and England), and regional qualifiers Argentina, the U.S., France, Japan, Australia and Kenya.

On the women's side the top four on the Series were New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and Great Britain. Brazil is in as hosts with Colombia, the U.S., France, South Africa, and Fiji having qualified regionally. It should be noted that South Africa's participation is up in the air due to their governing body.

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Both the U.S. men and women are in and the Canadian women are also in but the Canadian men still have their fate up in the air. At least now they know who they are going to face as the 16 team field for the final qualification tournament is filled. Canada has a good shot while really only Samoa and Tonga as real threats. However, that could change depending on the type of team that Ireland puts out.

Here are the teams participating: Uruguay, Chile, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Germany, Ireland, Hong Kong, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Tonga, Samoa, Zimbabwe, Morocco, and Tunisia.

The women's tournament still has to decide an Asian qualifier and it will probably comes down to either Japan or China. That will also determine who makes the final qualification tournament but those in right now are: Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, Russia, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Kenya, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Samoa, and the Cook Islands. Russia is probably the favorite but you can't discount Ireland. 

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