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Monday, November 30, 2015

Northeast Academy, Quebec Win New York 7s

The Northeast Academy and Team Quebec were the big winners at the New York 7s last weekend coming away with the men's and women's titles respectively. The Northeast Academy, packed with players like Nate Brakeley, Mike St. Claire, Rick Kirkland, and Harry Higgins, were dominant throughout the weekend coming away with an eventual 36-5 win over rivals the Connecticut Bulldogs in the final. The Bulldogs, who featured two former Fijian internationals on their team, went up early before the Northeast Academy rattled off 36 straight points. Connor Wallace-Sims, who is only 20, was named the MVP.

To reach the final the Northeast Academy had to beat Team Quebec 31-7. That scoreline was similar to what the team would see in pool play where they got past the Upright Rugby Rogues 33-19 and Schuylkill River 29-0. Wallace-Sims would have a try and four conversions against the Rogues while Kyle Granby had two tries of his own to go along with efforts form Kirkland and Sean McGarrity.

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The Bulldogs had a longer road to reach the final given then had to play three pool matches. They beat Mexico 38-5, then the Stars 36-7, and finally Team Quebec 38-0 to finish as the top see. They then beat the Rogues 24-12 in the final. In an all-Canada Plate final the Rogues beat Team Quebec 24-0 while Mexico took the Bowl over Schuylkill River 19-12.

On the women's side of things Team Quebec showed near the same dominance as the Northeast Academy. They ran through pool play beat the Northeast Academy 2 38-0, NYRC 24-5, and 1823 40-5. They then beat the Northeast Academy 1 29-0 in the semi-final before beating the Scion Sirens 20-5 in the final. The final four were Team Quebec, the Sirens, and both Northeast Academy teams. The Bowl went to Mexico who beat the Stars 17-5.

Men's Scores

Pool A

Schuylkill River 12-22 Upright Rugby Rogues
Northeast Academy 33-19 Rogues
Northeast Academy 29-0 Schuylkill River

Pool B

Bulldogs 38-5 Mexico
Team Quebec 17-0 Stars
Bulldogs 36-7 Stars
Team Quebec 22-21 Mexico
Mexico 29-12 Stars
Team Quebec 0-38 Bulldogs

Bowl Semi-final: Schuylkill River 43-12 Stars
Cup/Plate Semi-finals: Rogues 12-24 Bulldogs, Northeast Academy 31-7 Team Quebec
Bowl: Schuylkill River 12-19 Mexico
Plate: Rogues 24-0 Team Quebec
Cup: Northeast Academy 36-5 Bulldogs

Women's Scores

Pool A

1823 12-22 NYRC
Team Quebec 38-0 NE Academy 2
1823 12-21 NE Academy 2
Team Quebec 24-5 NYRC
NYRC 12-24 NE Academy 2
Team Quebec 40-5 1823

Pool B

NE Academy 1 41-0 Stars
Scion Sirens 19-7 Mexico
NE Academy 1 19-0 Mexico
Sirens 24-5 Stars
Stars 7-26 Mexico
Sirens 31-19 NE Academy 1

Bowl Semi-finals

NYRC 12-19 Stars
1823 0-28 Mexico

Cup/Plate Semi-finals

Team Quebec 29-5 NE Academy 1
NE Academy 2 25-32 Scion Sirens

Bowl: Mexico 17-5 Stars
Cup: Team Quebec 20-5 Scion Sirens.

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