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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

More Teams Qualify For Rio

A few more spots have filled in or will soon fill in for next year's Olympic Games. Japan was the latest team to punch their ticket when they won the Asian qualifier over the hosts Hong Kong last weekend. That win wasn't unexpected but it brings the total number of qualified teams to nine. Brazil has qualified as the host team while Fiji, South Africa, New Zealand, and Great Britain finished in the top four of the World Sevens Series. Argentina, the U.S., and France each won their qualifiers.

Only one spot will be left after this upcoming weekend as both Oceania and Africa host their qualifiers. Australia are the heavy favorites to win but they will face a challenge from Samoa. Tonga are expected to finish third and make the repechage. In Africa, Kenya are expected to qualify for the Olympics but there could be a surprise from Namibia or Zimbabwe.

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As mentioned, the repechage will be the last opportunities for teams to qualify for the Olympics. The repechage will take place next year. Teams qualified for the repechage include Uruguay, Chile, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Germany, Ireland, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Sri Lanka. If Australia and Kenya win this weekend and results go as expected, Samoa, Tonga, Namibia, and Zimbabwe will round out the repechage. In that case, Canada and Samoa are the favorites.

On the women's side of things the Asian qualification did not take place over the weekend. However, Africa have already had their qualifiers with South Africa qualifying. Oceania have their qualifier this weekend. Teams qualified include Brazil, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Colombia, United States, and France.  Teams qualified for the repechage are Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, Russia, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Kenya, Tunisia, and Zimbabwe.

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