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Thursday, November 19, 2015

More Hints That Denver Will Get A PRO Rugby Team

There are strong hints that Denver will announced soon as a PRO Rugby team. According to the Denver Business Journal a spokesman for PRO Rugby said yesterday that an announcement of a team in Denver will happen soon. Whether that comes before other team announcements is unclear but as CEO Dough Schoniger said in Tuesday's press conference in Sacramento that there will be a competition to name the teams after the New Year so you have to think that all the teams will be announced by then.

Sacramento is the only team officially announced but Denver, San Francisco, and Philadelphia will all get teams barring something unforeseen. Two more teams will also be added making a total of six for the inaugural season. From what TIAR understands Denver will either be playing out of Dick's Sporting Goods Park or Infinity Park. The Denver team could be one of the strongest in the competition thanks to the deep playing pool in Colorado. 

1 comment:

  1. If Denver is getting a team it would be an insult to those that took the risk on Infinity Park to play elsewhere. It is appropriately sized and top quality. If demand grows over the next couple of years a move could be made or perhaps Infinity could grow but if the organizers of this league are true to their word and are going to support rugby in this country then Infinity is the only choice.