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Friday, November 13, 2015

Dubai 7s Pools Announced

The pools for the Dubai 7s were announced earlier today and both the Men and Women Eagles have been given draws that should see them make the quarterfinals. On the men's side the Eagles have been drawn in with New Zealand, France, and Portugal. The team has played New Zealand tough in the past but it's still a tall task to beat the All Blacks. They've also had some trouble with France in the past but at the same time have beaten them regularly. The Eagles should be better than both France and Portugal to make the quarterfinals.

On the women's side the team has been drawn with Canada, Fiji, and Ireland in Pool B. Like the men, this is a pool in which the U.S. should be able to make the quarterfinals but not without difficult matches, in particular Canada. Fiji can be hit and miss and Ireland are a bit of a wild card at this point. Also mentioned (or not mentioned) in the press release from World Rugby was that the women's Series has been reduced to four legs with London and Amsterdam missing this upcoming year.

The Dubai 7s starts on December 4th. No word yet on the streaming options in the U.S. with the cancellation of Universal Sports.

Take the jump to see the pools.


Pool A: Fiji, Argentina, Canada, Japan
Pool B: South Africa, Scotland, Samoa, Russia
Pool C: New Zealand, USA, France, Portugal
Pool D: England, Australia, Wales, Kenya


Pool A: New Zealand, France, Russia, Brazil
Pool B: Canada, USA, Fiji, Ireland
Pool C: Australia, England, Spain, Japan

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